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New Shelves and a New Obsession, Er, Hobby

So, we’ve got the new bookshelves up, locked and loaded.  For some people, new bookshelves might just mean putting books on them, but not us.  Nope – we must make a full-blown production out of it.  Fortunately, the men who delivered them set them up where I directed and bolted them together, so all we had to do was position the removable shelves and fill it with books.

Easier said than done.

I left most of the job to Beloved, because he’s positively anal about his books far more organized than I am; I helped out when he yelled at me to come into the living room needed, because I am a clumsy twit who can hurt myself as well as the house in situations like this was busy doing something else that I’ll go into in just a minute.

This is what they looked like right after we started – Beloved had only gotten the history section up:

Shelves 1

Shelves 2

This second picture is for perspective – you can’t tell they’re 15 feet long from end to end in the first.

It quickly became apparent, for Beloved anyway (I am a complete moron when it comes to anything spacial), that we were going to have a lot of extra space after we got all of the books on them.  I was astounded – I had visions of us agonizing over which books we were going to have to cull and take down to the basement to reside on the old shelves.  It also left us with a dilemma – how do we fill the empty spaces?

We stood back and scrutinized Beloved’s our handiwork, and after a few moments consideration, Beloved said the wonderful words:

“We’re going to have to go to the craft store, aren’t we?”

Well, twist my arm; I may be a clumsy twit with no sense of direction or size/space, but I am a great decorator.  And I love the craft store, which just so happens to have a new home furnishings addition and garden center.  Woo-hoo!  So off we trot to the craft store, and we return with vases, baskets and enough fake greenery to decorate a Rain Forest Café.

And this is what we ended up with:

Shelves 3

Shelves 4

You can see the greenery garland Beloved put across the top, as well as the arrangement in the basket on the shelves (Beloved’s handiwork) and the arrangement in the  vase on the table at the end (mine).   We also had another empty shelf, so I took some of my Jim Shores out of the curio and put them out as well.

Which brings me to the lovely pictures.  If you care remember from last Monday, I was reduced to taking photos with my phone, for I could not find the power cord to my little Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot camera.  By Saturday, I still couldn’t find it and was getting horribly frustrated – I didn’t want to be reduced to taking pictures of the furniture (to say nothing of our trip to Washington D.C. with Miss Jacki and The Young One next week) with my damn cell phone.  So Saturday morning we walked into Best Buy to purchase a power strip (the shelves cover the outlet we use on that side of the room) and a couple of other minor necessities, when I wandered over to the camera section.

I’ve been wanting a “real” camera for quite some time; I enjoy taking pictures and editing them in Photoshop.  And while I’ve had reasonable success printing some of the pictures taken with my little Sony, I’ve been wanting to make it a more serious hobby – especially with Jolly’s Little Bundle Of Joy on the way (yes, I can already tell you I’m going to be one of THOSE grandparents).  So after a brief consultation with one of the sales people, I found Beloved perusing the jump drives and dragged him over to the cameras waited patiently for him to finish his shopping before I asked him to look at cameras with me.

After a further, more in-depth, consultation with yet another sales person (Jared at the North Podunk Best Buy, you are a GEM and they don’t pay you nearly enough) I walked out with a brand-new Nikon D90 digital SLRS (Me, practically sobbing:  “Thank you!  Thank you for letting me get my new camera!”  Beloved, cheerfully: “No problem dear – now you’ll NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER ONE.”).

So, faithful readers, now you get to be bored shitless join me on my journey as I learn about things like exposure and aperture and shutter speed and ISO and depth of field and perspective.  Aren’t you thrilled???

Okay, maybe not so much.  But I am, and I promise not to bore you.

Too much.

But I took a picture of a bowl of Reese’s Pieces last night.

Don’t believe me?

Reese's Pieces

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