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Not Wordless Wednesday and Sorta Spin Cycle

Cheese Bread

Sprite’s Keeper is going to BlogHer this weekend, and has given us all a vacation from The Spin Cycle this week.   This has thrown me in a tizzy – my bloggy OCD demands that I have a Spin Cycle on Wednesday, dammit!!  (And it’s pretty much a given I’m so not going to be able to abide by the rules of a Wordless Wednesday post.  Ahem.)  So I thought I’d give you an idea of one of the things I do on Sundays.

Basically, bake bread (which is why I’m upset about my oven slowly going on the fritz – sometimes it heats right up, and sometimes it takes fooooooorrrrrreeeeeevveeerrr).

Interwebs, say hello to last Sunday’s loaf of cheddar bread.

Except I won’t be baking bread this weekend, because Sunday I’ll be driving from Hocking Hills State Park to French Lick, Indiana <insert juvenile Beavis and Butthead impression here>.  You see, we’ve decided to forgo our once-every-other-year Christmas vacation (the only real time we can get off from work) for the incredibly exciting activity of remodeling our bathrooms.

I know – don’t we just live on the edge??

Anyhoo, so we decided I’d go with Beloved on his business trip to Indiana next week, and since we were going to be driving anyway, we’d take Friday of this week off and go rent a cabin down in Hocking Hills for a nice, long weekend.  This cabin is really a small home in a secluded, wooded area, with a hot tub and no cell phone reception.  Woo-hoo!

Hmmm.  Some people have taken Jen’s Spin Cycle “vacation” literally and posted anyway.

Well, me too.  Me too.

Have a lovely Wednesday, y’all.

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