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O Monday, You Are Always There For Me

Well, the Sushi Bar suffered a major network outage this morning when “a backbone router went bad in the Mzima network center.”   Thank you so much, Web Host Guy, for that completely confusing clear and concise explanation of why I could not blog or email all morning long and was forced to do actual work.

Oh, woe is me, woe is me.

Anyhoo, my planned post for today – a recipe for Apple Upside Down Cake (you’d think after last week I’d be sick of posting recipes…you’d be wrong (’cause this cake is like to DIE for)) – had to be rescheduled and I now have to finish that actual work I started, so you get this brief description of Sunday afternoon.

Beloved and I drove out and about locally, trying to get some photos of the last fall foliage here in northeast Ohio.  Alas, most of it was gone, but it was a lovely day for a drive and we still got some good pictures.  While framing this shot:

Art Gallery

An old train depot turned into an art gallery

this drove up:


A retro ambulance

It appeared to be fully functional as an ambulance; there was a stretcher in the back and what appeared to be some modern medical equipment.

At first, I just stood there, waiting for the light to change so I could get my shot, but after a few seconds, I thought what the heck, and snapped a picture.  I waited a couple of more seconds, then snapped another one.  Then I just started snapping pictures right and left and the driver started laughing at me.

I shrugged – “Hey, it’s a cool ambulance.”

The driver gave me a thumbs-up – “That’s fine – snap away!”

Then the light changed; I mouthed the words “THANK YOU” at him and he gave me a friendly little salute as he drove away.

There are definitely some perks to this whole “small town America” stuff.

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