Okay, So I’m NOT Cheap

I hope everyone in the States is having a lovely holiday weekend, and everyone else is having a good Monday.  I’ve been so grateful for a 3-day weekend, and we’ve done very little in the way of work work – just housework and yardwork.  Today I’m baking, mostly cheddar bread and brownies at They Young One’s request for his school lunches this week.  And my Southwest Spoon Bread for brunch today, which has become one of Beloved’s favorite dishes.

Smuckers Authentic Jam and Jelly Tourist Trap

True to his word, Beloved took me down to Amish country Saturday.  We took a lot of back roads that we hadn’t traveled before, so we saw a lot of scenery we hadn’t seen before, and a lot more buggies.  First, though, we went to visit Smucker’s.  Yes, the Smucker’s jam and jelly people; their company was founded in Orville, Ohio (“Reddenbacher must be right down the road,” observed Beloved) in the late 19th century and they have a storefront/museum you can visit and – of course – buy things.

We now call it Smucker’s Authentic Jam and Jelly Tourist Trap, becasue there wasn’t a darn thing in there that you couldn’t get in a regular grocery store (unless you count the flannel pajamas I saw one elderly lady purchasing), and the museum part was bland and stuck in the back of the building.

Oh, well; at least we can say we’ve been there now.

After that came the back roads, and because they were back roads, you tend to see a lot of this.  We take a great deal of care around the Amish buggies; most of these people, especially on Saturdays when they do their marketing and run their errands, have their children with them and it really pisses us off when other vehicles – especially big 18-wheelers – go speeding down the roads there, especialy over hills when you can come up behind a buggy very quickly.

We soon found ourselves at Lehman’s Hardware, which is always fun and fascinating, no matter how often we go there.  I didn’t get any pictures, it was just so crowded, but an older Amish couple set up “shop” out in the large gravel parking lot out back of the store, selling the most beautiful split wood, hand-crafted baskets, as well as homemade cookies and jams.  The Amish are usually friendly but reserved, but this couple was downright outgoing.  The man ambled right over when he saw us looking at some tall, oval baskets with lids and leather handles (we were considering one for a laundry hamper) and started showing us how the lids fit, since they were obviously hand-carved.  The woman cheerfully asked us where we were from and chattered away.  The baskets weren’t cheap, so we went on in to the store where I bought 3 Beverly Lewis novels, a new flour sifter and some popcorn seasoning.

We bought the basket on the way out.  Because we’re gullible easy that way.

Next we did some more winding around back roads we hadn’t traveled before, taking a lot of pictures and playing a lot of Cow Rummy.  Before I knew it, Beloved was taking a back road, trying to get around the traffic into downtown Berlin.  I think he took my assertion that he probably wouldn’t want to go there as a personal challenge…in fact, I know he did.  I like that about him.  And the next I knew, we were here.  Yes, that’s Beloved, being the very, very good sport he is.

Here are just a few of the very beautiful quilts sold here.  All of them are handmade by the local Amish women.

And you know that old saying “Lust for Ask and ye shall receive?”  Look at what I got.

Yup, that’s our bed and my new quilt.  Here’s a closeup.

I love it!  It makes that hideous furniture in our bedroom (no, I didn’t pick it out – it was Beloved’s before I met him) almost bearable.

The only thing is, now I feel compelled to make the damn bed every day.

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  1. I’m a quilter from way back. My grandmother had the frame that hung from the ceiling and we’d lower it and work on a quilt. She had me sewing and quilting from the time I was very young. I’m lusting after your quilt and now I want to come to your neck of the woods someday. I’ll have to speak to HBL about that. Thanks for sharing your road trip with me. All I got to do this three day weekend was pick up wet towels, wash towels, fold towels, cook, and drive. A fun weekend, huh?

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  2. Umm that funiture is not ugly!! Lol, and my dad let pink in his room?! He says hes not whiped!! I love you dad. Why make a bed everyday when everynight you get in it just to mess it up? I never will understand that unless you’re having company over or maybe thats just the point of view from a kid that hated it when her dad was like make your bed, clean your room now!

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