Live Real. Eat Real.


I knew you’d all just be dying for an update on yesterday’s Close Encounter of the Technical Kind, so here it is.

He bailed on me.

‘Tis true – he informed me that the PIA SmartCard Software was terribly out of date and no longer supported, then proceeded to tell me he didn’t know WHY I couldn’t print a test page or install the most recent version of the firmware, suggested I call the manufacturer of the printer (which is no longer under warranty so they’ll charge me through the nose to tell me to go to to download the driver), and hung up.

So, I uninstalled the driver and the printer, reinstalled them, got the computer to not only recognize the printer, but allow me to install the latest version of the firmware AND print a test page, then Googled for the kind of software I needed and found – then purchased – a version that not only didn’t need the stupid SmartCard license, but could be downloaded and used immediately upon purchase.

And it only took me ALL. DAY.

But at least I’ll be ready for all the retailers who insist they need eleventy-thousand gift cards when the holiday shopping season begins the Friday after Thanksgiving…but won’t remember to order them until the Monday before Thanksgiving.

So, anyone care to join me in a cool, calming place where we can think happy thoughts about blue-eyed polar bears?

How about the creek in the park by our house?


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