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I am incredibly busy – we have a great deal going on at work, I’m finally homing in on the end of this cookbook and I’m making tacos for about a dozen teenagers this evening.  Life keeps getting in the way of this little obsession I call a blog, but I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

At any rate, I haven’t had time to finish a post Beloved and I have been working on the last couple of days, but I’ll give you a little background information about it.

Earlier this week, I shared this photo on the blog’s Facebook page:

David Suzuki

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My addition to this was, “I’m putting my money on ‘LYING.'”

One of the commenters on this particular thread dismissed Dr. Suzuki as “an eco-terrorist” with his own agenda, and challenged me to give him “one example of GMO products have caused any harm!”

My response to this person is the subject of the post I haven’t had time to finish this week, but I’d like to post it next week.  We’ve got a good start on this, but I was thinking that you know, my readers are pretty diverse and really darn smart – I wonder what they think about this?

So tell me – what do you think of GMOs?  Are the harmful, both to our health, our environment and our economy?  Or are they the answer to the problem of feeding our growing numbers worldwide?

Let me know what you think in the comments section; if you can back your assertions up with hard facts, that would be great.  All I ask is that you keep it respectful of those with opposing views.

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  1. Personally – I’m convinced that the state of our health depends largely upon the state of the health of our gut bacteria and parasites? (see Chris Kresser’s latest podcast). I can’t even begin to imagine how genetically modified foods are shifting our gut communities around.

    I am soooo not interested in being a guinea pig for GMO’s. There are many anecdotal stories out there about animals fed GMO corn and failing, and about the health of the field workers who are fed GMO corn vs. non-GMO corn. I think we’re playing with fire and that there is so much we don’t know about this yet.

  2. What the hell happened to growing food from the seed it actually produced? Why do they need to be modified? Wasn’t it any good before? It seems to me that GMOs are a convenience for Big Business. Since, I’m a tree-hugging liberal granola head I’m against Big Business, ergo GMOs.

    Does that help start the conversation?

  3. How about the harm to the environment with the additional pesticide use? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/02/genetically-modified-crops-pesticides_n_1931020.html

    Or, that the same companies that insist that GMO crops (and the pesticides used on them) are perfectly safe are the ones that also insisted that DDT, PCB, Agent Orange, and others were safe?

    Or, that its continued aggressive assault against Farms means that more small farms are going out of business and big Agriculture is taking over?

    Or that genetically modified crops do not necessarily increase yields over their non-GMO counterparts? http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2013/02/do-gmo-crops-have-lower-yields

  4. Can anyone state any harm caused by GMOs?
    No, so now they say its a herbicide and pesticide issue.
    I will take on the retarted writers of the huff post and mother jones articles and the studies that are missinterperted and posted here by Amanda.

    The study in the huff post article is a about the quanty of herbicides used has increased since 1990 while the amount of pesticides has decreased….measured in gross tonnage. First off a herbicide is used to kill plants, a pesticide kills animals, thats what they do…they kill unwanted things and that is part of nature. The study in huffpost states that there is a corolation between GMOs and herbicide usage….Of course there is, because the GMOs are Round-Up resistant, so every plant that is glyphosate(round-up or any of the 50s other names) resistant the herbicide glyphosate is sold…Its the same as saying there has been an explosion in left shoes sold since 1990 to today over the index of the 50 years before. Well since shoes are sold in pairs there is a direct corolation 1:1, same with glyphosate, you buy the seeds, then you buy Round-up.

    Why is round-up important and why do we use it? well back in 1990 Off-Road diesel cost about 60 cents a gallon and a migrant worker about $3 a hour. So to use a machine to de-weed or a migrant laborer was the way….Liberals changed this, the migrant is now a undocumented person @ $11 a hour and diesel costs $3.25 a gallon. There has been a population boom in central america…thats why they flood into america, there are too many of them at home. There is a population boom in Africa right now, your kids, kids will never see africa and the openess that I did. China is booming and so is India….All these regions need cheap food to feed the masses.

    Food is 100% political and so is oil. Most women @ some time use something they have to avoid difficult places while all the time everyone will agree that our opinions are equal value and the last election proves this…your vote is worth the same as mind. I will tell you one thing I am sure of, when I’m cold, hungry and it’s dark, carrying a rifle in desert that only oil grows out of getting shot at and back….I know its 100% political. I want to go back to my farm and I want their oil.

    So when this guy suzuki says is it lying or stupidity and you are not a vet or a farmer…or made a thing like a bolt or a button….I think you are all stupid no matter how smart you tell me you are, everything of value and the entire basis of an economy is stuff that grew out of the earth or was dug out, eat facebook likes and fill your toyota minivans up with it…..all you people that are so scared about your own presious life but do nothing are the problem with america.
    So to keep the farm and produce a good product…dont forget that, there is an american value to produce decent goods, to stand behind your products and that is one thing I have never heard amoungst any of these people….would a life long farmer sell me poison?

    The mother jones piece talks about yields….its not about increased yields its about cost to yield. For every 100 acres what does it cost? with Bt the imput is less.

    It’s 100% opinions and at the same time its 100% politics…How scarce resources are allocated. If you want to go back to how things were you need a strong dollar so we can buy forgien labor and forgien fuel cheaply….Which means you people need to get back into factorys and start making stuff again made out of stuff we grow and dig out of the ground.
    Small farmers know these basics and so do big companies….That you think big companies are against small farmers is a joke. Why are you people always upset about things…First your upset that we fought indians for our land, then that we cleared it and made it flat, that we use rivers and lakes to irragate, that we grow this and that, that it smells funny, then your upset that we sell out our land and a shopping mall is built there where you drive your toyotas full of arab oil that we fought for and then you are upset at all the stuff the mall sells…if some chinese kid eating my crops was mistreated making your shoes or computer parts back in china….As you pretend to farm, pretend to be a chef, pretend to know about the world? its an ever changing enviroment….Why fight those that feed you? Go work on a communist collective and die working on one, you might have never fought for anything in your life that you are so scared to lose because of GMOs and the companies that make them.

  5. Ethonol is a real monster….its a net BTU loss, but you wont hear one green weenie say a peep.

  6. Hi, Tater. Again, I’m not sure what your point is. Are you saying that unless I served in the military or am a farmer that what I think about either is invalid?

    If you want to clarify what you mean by “Most women @ some time use something they have to avoid difficult places while all the time everyone will agree that our opinions are equal value and the last election proves this” or “well back in 1990 Off-Road diesel cost about 60 cents a gallon and a migrant worker about $3 a hour. So to use a machine to de-weed or a migrant laborer was the way….Liberals changed this, the migrant is now a undocumented person @ $11 a hour and diesel costs $3.25 a gallon.” Neither of those statements make ANY sense whatsoever.

    You’re also making a great many assumptions about me (none of which are correct), and if I ask for a respectful opinions about GMOs (which you are also ignoring) that doesn’t automatically make me a liberal or a “green weenie.”

    Tater, I’m only going to tell you once more: if you can’t 1) make a coherent argument or 2) play nicely around here, I’m going to ban you from both my blog and the Facebook page.

    I’m sure the very thought makes you heartbroken, just like it does me.

  7. Goodness, I hope 3clean was the one you unfriended. His rant is very hard to follow and you can see that he obviously did not do well in high school english 🙂 Anyways…, I am very much against GMO’s. The research I have done on them makes me so sad. They are nothing but poison and money makers for the seed giants who make them. I just read an article the other day about 150 test sites in the US that have these GM0 super trees. These trees kill insects that try to eat them. Holy smokes, insects are part of the food chain, if the insects are killed off the animals and birds that eat them will not have food to eat and the animals and birds that eat them will not have anything to eat. Also what about the insects that are pollinators or the animals that also eat the trees. It is a very scary situation that we are in. My family and I go out of our way to buy only organic and gmo free food and produce. We buy our meat from a local organic grass fed farm and buy organic fruits and vegetables through out the year and freeze, dry and can much of that during the winter. There is a food revolution summit going on if you are interested. Lots of great speakers. http://www.foodrevolution.org

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