Killer Icicles

Maybe Ralphie’s mom knew what she was talking about after all…

I had no idea we were harboring deadly icicles till I heard a loud crash coming from the vicinity of the kitchen. Scooter and I ran to find out what it was and were greeted with a large pile of ice on the deck, and the remains of a fringe of very long and sharp icicles.

I can’t wait until spring when I can post pictures of the flowers and trees and gardens. It’s really not some bleak, frozen wasteland up here. It just seems that way for the first 3 months of the year.

Did I say 3 to 5 inches?

Try 14 to 18 inches of snow. This is what we’ve been looking at for the last 2 days.

That snow is holding over us in a circular pattern, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – it’s coming down very hard right now. We’ve probably had another 4 inches since we went out to shovel around noon.

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Winter Is STILL Here

And I’ve just had about enough of it. While most of the snow is now gone, this is what it’s looked like for the last two days.


And More Ice...

Granted, the ice should be gone by this afternoon – it’s supposed to get up to a blazing 42 degrees today – but our reprieve will be brief. A new storm is on its way and we are supposed to get between 3 and 5 inches of snow tomorrow.

Bah. Humbug.