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Would That Be Peter Tork or Michael Nesmith?

I am INSANELY busy, so no Fight Back Friday post again this week.  I do, however, have an amusing anecdote to share with you.

We had The G Man last night; his mother has strep throat so we’re keeping him for a couple of days so she can rest and not pass it on to the baby.  After dinner last night, he wanted to “watch movie, Meema” and Meema was sick to death of Mickey’s Clubhouse and Little Einsteins, so I put Toy Story 3 in the DVD player.

Later, I updated my Facebook status:

“You haven’t lived until your 2 1/2 year old grandson runs into the kitchen while you’re doing dishes, screaming, ‘DEATH BY MONKIES! DEATH BY MONKIES!!!!'”

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized I’d misspelled “monkeys.”  So to all my Facebook friends, if you’re wondering if the remaining aging members of a certain 60s knock-off band are threatening us with chainsaws, the answer would be, “I just wish.”

Yes, I’m in dire need of some excitement in my life.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all.


Lisa says:

Now I just want to find you on Facebook and follow you:). If I haven’t already.

Jan says:

If you check your Facebook page, you’ll find a friend request. 😉

Be says:

That’s what I thought the first time I saw their show. Not often you get caught on a spelling mistake. Maybe it is the Half-heimers catching up.

Jan says:

I’m sorry – who are you again?

Anne says:

How brave of you to have a 2 1/2 year old overnight! But then, you guys in your sixties are still tough and strong enough to fend off death by monkeys — or monkies. Us 80 year olds would never have survived.

Jan says:

LOL – we guys are 49 and 50, but I see your point. We’ll see how we do in our 60s; we’ve got four other kids. 🙂

Oh, how I WISH I’d had my mom (or any family) close by when my kids were little. She is so lucky to have you there to help out!!

That is about all the excitement I can handle in my life right now. 🙂

Gretchen says:

Maybe it was Davy Jones, come back as a zombie.

It didn’t even dawn on me that you’d misspelled it. Now it’s even funnier! 😉

Michele says:

I noticed the misspelling but figured that you were phonetically spelling what the 2 yr old said. That would be my story.

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