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This Little Piggie

Okay, I finally have to face the fact that my cough just isn’t getting any better.  So today I’ll be making a trip to see a nurse practitioner so she can tell me I have viral bronchitis and there’s nothing we can do about it but let it run it’s course (Dana Carpender of Hold the Toast is suffering from the same thing, and her doctor told her she could expect it to hang around as long as three weeks).  She’ll offer me a steroid-based inhaler to help with the congestion, and I’ll consider it before declining – I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last two weeks and the last thing I want is to become a homicidal eating machine.

If it seems like I’ve been through this scenario before, it’s because – yup, I have.

In the meantime, I’m staying home and working on a redesign for our company website; perhaps I’ll give the cookbook a little attention as well (I’ve finished beef, poultry and pork and am about to move on to seafood/fish).  Since it’s supposed to get up to a whopping 96 degrees today – a bit of a rarity for this neck of the woods, especially so early in the summer – I’ll take a little time to go water our gardens.  I may even cook something amusing for lunch with the pound of ground pork sitting in the fridge.

At any rate, the Spin Cycle this week is “Word Collage.”  Our Fearless Spin Leader, Miss Gretchen, has tasked us with playing with Tagxedo, an amusing little application that will take the content from your blog, Twitter feed, a particular interest or even a poem, if you’re so inclined, and do amusing things with it.  There are some examples on the site of some really original stuff, but I don’t think anyone here will be surprised that mine are, well, let’s just say the product of a one-track mind.

Tagxedo - Pig

Tagxedo - Chicken

Tagxedo - Fruit

What did you expect – the Preamble to the Constitution?

Have a lovely day, y’all – I’ve got to go see a woman about a cough.

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