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Polls, Trolls and Dietary Fat

Theif Cartoon SilohuetteThe tragedy in Boston yesterday has left me angry and sad.  I’m so sad for the deaths and injuries suffered by all of those innocent people, and angry at the non-stop media coverage – the sensationalism and constant, pointless speculation, giving this sicko exactly what they wanted out of the whole thing:  attention and validation.  It’s just disgusting.

It’s made me think about my intention to blog about GMOs in response to some comments I got on Facebook last week.  After I posted my Fish Tacos recipe to my Facebook wall, the same person who was “debating” me about GMOs left some very nasty comments about me personally – hilariously, he seems to think I’m some sort of bored, spoiled Mommy Blogger – so I banned him and blocked him from commenting here.

Am I going to give this person any more of my time and respond to his often incomprehensible, hostile arguments?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

I appreciate the rational and respectful feedback I got on my little poll, and I do have a great deal to say about the subject.  So I will probably go ahead and do the post about GMOs – and what appears to be a common misconception about those who oppose them – but it won’t be in response to this asshole, who personifies John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.  Just sayin’.

On that note, I recently switched my RSS and email subscription functions here from Feedburner, which seems to have been deprecated by Google, to Feedblitz.  I get a great deal more information, more consistently, than I did with Feedburner, including updates when I have a new subscriber or when someone unsubscribes.  I really like the unsubscribe notices, because Feedblitz asks for a reason.  For the most part, the few unsubsribes haven’t given one, but that doesn’t bother me – I’ve subscribed to blogs in the past only to unsubscribe from them shortly after because it simply wasn’t what I expected or was looking for.

However, yesterday, right on the heels of banning/blocking this one person and reading about what happened in Boston, I got an unsubscribe with a reason that just made my jaw drop.  I’ve had this one very intermittent commenter for about a year; he seemed nice enough.  At least until recently when he began to take me to task just out of the blue, telling me my recipes are horrible, asking me what kind a readership do I attract and insisting that I do them a great disservice – my recipes are just an instant heart attack!  It didn’t take me long to get fed up and I just quietly blocked him from commenting and promptly forgot all about him.

Until yesterday when he unsubscribed from my feed, citing that my blog is “offensive” and that he “strongly disapproves” of me.  I guess he doesn’t like fish tacos any more than he likes fried plantains or breakfast crepes.

What the hell is  WRONG with people?

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