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That Mom was really on the Letterman Show.

Turn up the sound and listen to the woman laugh.

Many, many thanks to Letterman fan and YouTube member jerklyfish for the video.


Lori says:

That is hilareous!

BE says:

A piece of work – like mother, like daughter. I can see her in Jan, but more so in Jan’s sister who sounds just like her Mom.

That is your Mom?? Where did I miss that post?

Linda T says:

I had fun watching that Jan. I can see you in her. what year was this? ((((hugs)))))

Duchess says:

Crumbs, all change here at the Sushi Bar.

Your mom is a star.

Duchesss last blog post..Birth days

Jacki says:

ah Janis

Oh Jan, this was great! How wonderful that you have this on video too. Your mom sure was a character. I see where you get your wit. I remember you saying awhile back that your mom was on the David Letterman but I had forgotten all about it til now. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..A FRIENDLY NOTE FROM THE “NAAAY”BORS

Red Squirrel says:

That’s hilarious 🙂

Red Squirrels last blog post..Um, sorry….

thistle says:

and now, when i read your posts, i will have that accent in my head. Fabulous…and very cool. Thanks for posting that!

thistles last blog post..AWWednesday!

Beth says:

I love her! What a great video and an awesome experience!

Beths last blog post..Waiting for the other shoe to fall

Monica says:

How cute!…She’s rollin in dough down there at the bakery. lol
Love her laugh.

Monicas last blog post..What More Can A Citizen Do?

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