A Little Random G Man

A couple of weekends ago we ran down to Cincinnati to visit Jolly and The G Man.  Of course I took tons of photos, but it just occurred to me that while I posted some on both Facebook and Google+, I have not posted any here.

My bad.  I shall rectify that immediately.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend.  See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “A Little Random G Man”

  1. I LOVE the new banner! Too bad I’m not there to help you eat them! At least I got to help eat up the G man!

  2. Awesome new banner! And I think G Man favors Be a LOT. Love the photos, as always. Oh yeah, I’ve combed all of Fort Myers for almond flour. The natural market is completely out and the main grocery stores don’t sell it. Argh!

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