Random Tuesday Beef Geekery and Such

I like Tuesday, because it’s…no longer Monday.

At any rate, it’s been awhile since since I’ve participated, so let’s link up to Stacy and get some random on!


See G Man.

See G Man move.

See G Man move to Podunk.


See Poppa and Meema be very happy grandparents.


Any questions?


This?  THIS is GREAT.

The guy has great taste in marital ringwear, too.


And speaking of engagement rings, look what’s adorning Darling Daughter’s left hand these days:

Yes, that would be a honkin’ big opal and diamond engagement ring.  Apparently, Mr. FixIt has marvelous taste in marital ringwear as well.

This also makes Poppa and Meema very happy because it gives them another opportunity to, well, be Poppa and Meema.


My last bit of random comes as a bit of a warning, so be prepared for photos in the near future (most likely a week from this Friday).

Friday we are taking a trip out to visit our butchers and watch them cut our next side of beef, to order.

Don’t worry, our heifer (her name is Patty) has already been killed, eviscerated and skinned, so you won’t be getting any graphic photos of that.  But what you will get to see is photos of Patty going from this:

to this:

I don’t know about you, but we are pretty excited about it.  We are, in fact, taking The Young One out of school early so he can come, too – sort of a “Where Does My Food Come From?” field trip.  (I think he’s mostly excited about getting out of school early, but I’ll take any enthusiasm I can get.)


And that’s about all the randomness I can muster today.  Have a lovely Tuesday, y’all.

14 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Beef Geekery and Such”

  1. How exciting to have Gman so close. I know how happy that must make you and Grandpa! Congratulations to your daughter and Mr. Fixit! Maybe there will be more grands running around and filling up your lives with joy and their chaos before long. That’s neat that you can go to the butchers and watch them work. I grew up helping with all the butchering and it was a famiiliar sight to see meat hanging from the rafters like that. Happy Tuesday Jan!

  2. How wonderful for all the increased grandparenting opportunities:). Oh, yes, and a wedding too! Does she read A Practical Wedding? :). But seriously, a wedding!

    1. This made me smile, because if there are two things that are very far apart it is “practical” and “Darling Daughter.” 😛

      Actually, she’s gotten MUCH better as she approaches her mid-20s, but she’s in no way, shape, form or fashion “traditional.” Her ideal wedding will probably take place in the desert, with the wedding party and guests looking like refugees from San Francisco during the Summer Of Love with Led Zepplin as the music of choice, followed by a reception at the North Las Vegas Elks Lodge, where she spent the last 3 years as an officer (she declined her nomination this year due to the engagement). I’ll be lucky if she lets me bake and decorate something resembling a traditional wedding cake.

      But you know, if that’s what makes her happy I am ALL for it – I’m not going to be one of those Monster Mothers-of-the-Bride.

  3. While we don’t get to see beef get processed, we process our own wild game we harvest in the fall. Our boys will definitely have a good grasp on where the food comes from.

  4. So happy G Man is going to be closer. He’s looking so BIG these days! (And full of mischief as every boy should be!) The ring is pretty – thanks for the peek at it. My nosy self has been wanting to see it! : )

    Lastly, my parents used to buy a cow. I think they did it because it was cheaper … but they’re total health freaks so maybe it was for health reasons. My mom had a huge deep freezer she’d store it in once they received it’s parts.

    I think your daughter and I would get along. I wanted a wedding on the beach with about five people. And I wanted to be barefoot. Briefcase’s family flipped out and we ended up with 100 people (they wanted 500). At least I could SEE the beach as we got married, even if I wasn’t on it.

  5. I’m feeling a play date to the zoo coming on this summer. Move faster, G Man! How excited are you guys? (on the flip side, is Jolly excited to move to Podunk? Eeep.)

    Nice bling on DD’s hand.

  6. GMan closer, Darling Daughter engaged, and Patty, um, en route? Three Mazel Tov’s coming your way!
    (I’ve always thought Mazel Tov would make an excellent name for a cocktail. Why hasn’t anyone capitolized on that?)

  7. WooHoo on the GMan move and the engagement and the possibility of more grandbabies (more for me to paint) Thank you for the warning about Patty.

  8. G Man in Podunk! Be still my heart! Lucky lucky you. Sounds like someone is in for some free babysitting! LOL

  9. Yay! More G Man for Poppa and Meema to enjoy! Which means we’ll get to enjoy him vicariously, too. He’s getting even more stinkin’ adorable!

    That engage ring is hilariously cool!

    And Darling Daughter’s ring is mega awesome – CONGRATS to her!! 🙂

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