Random Tuesday Exhaustion

It’s been a wonderful and fun 5 days, but today this guy goes home:

It was marvelous to take photos of something not food-related for a change, but I must point out that this handsome young man is laying on the floor.

Which means that I was laying on the floor.

I was tempted to not get up.

I guess it could be worse – Beloved got to do stuff like this:

I have to tell you – I do NOT know how people my age handle being parents of small children (and you know who you are).  We had a great time, but after 5 days, we’re exhausted.


Sometimes I get a hit from some place like Nepal or Zimbabwe, and think to myself, “Wow – they have internet access there?”  Not that I’m complaining – they’re reading my blog, after all.

Apparently, good taste is global.


One of the search terms that will find my blog this month is “upside down christmas tree chandelier.”

For the uninitiated, this is why:

This is our “formal” tree, handing in our formal dining room (we have an “informal” tree in our informal family room).

I was a bit surprised to find that upside-down Christmas trees are becoming quite popular; every time someone new sees ours, they just can’t get over it.

“I’ve never seen one of those before!!”

Once I started getting hits from this search term, I Googled it and there are quite a few out there.  I also learned that while the tradition of hanging fir trees upside down goes back to the Middle Ages, it is now the custom to have the tips pointing up – towards heaven – and many people feel that upside-down Christmas trees are disrespectful…even sacrilegious.

Well, that does it.  I’m never getting rid of it now.


Well, that’s about all the random I have today.  Now go.  Visit Stacy.  Become one with the randomness that is Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Exhaustion”

  1. G Man just knows to smile whenever he sees a camera, right? Great photos, and yes, I love your upside down Christmas tree> If I could find a way, I would hang ours upside down too. Maybe even the dogs! Although, it would give the dander a lot farther to fall… Lemme think on that one..

  2. I’m not sure how older parents do it either but 5 days seems like the perfect Grandma and Grandpa time. That boy looks like so much fun and I’m jealous. We have our tree pointing up but nothing on it. Because, I’m lazy.

  3. Oooof. When I babysit my niece I’m astounded by the sheer attention that must be paid. Good thing I was in my early 30s when my kids were born. Lucky for them:).

  4. Hmmm, I don’t think they’d pass for brothers anymore, but cousins- easily! He’s so darn cute, I know to be suspicious! Glad you survived.

    Now that everyone is hanging their tree you have to find a way to make yours spin.

  5. Holy moly G Man is getting CUTER by the day!! Now that Little Dude is here full time, I constantly feel like I could sleep for a week. Or longer. Or at least more than I do right now. *yawn* 😉 I thought about buying an upside down tree to keep it out of reach for the destructo-boy. Hubby hung a regular tree upside down from his ceiling when we were dating – to keep it away from the cats. Yours is way more awesome than his was, though. 😉

  6. He’s adorable! I needed to see his cute face today. Can you say blog redesign NIGHTMARE?? Ugh! And Pain flare up and, and, and …

    Cute little boy pictures are always a good thing!

  7. Just one question – well, maybe two … is that a real tree? And, if so, how the heck do you water it????

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