Random Tuesday Frustration

This morning, I walked in on the head of our development staff telling to the head of our support staff, “I can’t be responsible for dumb.”

Unfortunately, there are those who disagree with that statement.  But that’s okay – we can all just abnegate personal responsibility and…

Hey – YOU suggested it. 😛

Now would anyone like to debate on whether 53 is too old to be hoochie-cooing all over a stage in f@#$-me pumps, especially if the 53-year-old in question nearly falls off of said stage?

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14 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Frustration”

  1. Now, let’s be fair. They were f*@% me boots, not pumps. And seriously? If people still wanted to see me hootchie dance at 53? For money? I’d think about it.

    1. In the interest of full-disclosure, I did not watch (and have not seen) Madonna’s half-time show; I’m merely opening conversation about what I’d heard (and, gawd help me, it seemed safer than some other subjects I’ve brought up recently). I was, in fact, in the bedroom reading while Beloved and Jolly were watching – to be honest, I thought they’d dragged out The Young One’s old Playstation 2 and were getting jiggy with Dance, Dance Revolution.

  2. LOL. Nice.

    I didn’t see her either … not that I liked her anyway. Can’t stand her music, style, and whatnot. I am not a football fan either, so I didn’t even have it on the Tele.

    1. You’re not alone in A) not knowing who she is or 2) not seeing the bird flipping, so I’m guessing that the “M.I.A” pseudonym is appropriate.

  3. I find it ironic for Robin Williams to be singing this song as it really is mocking nanny-statism and parents abdicating responsibility, and Williams is quite the TEAM BLUE cheerleader. It also mocks jingoism of course, I suppose that’s what Williams considers the real point of the song.

  4. Seriously, everyone is talking about Madonna and I didn’t see it. I feel left out. She is getting a bit old to be wearing f@#% me heels. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL about the heels, but after the age of 50, 4″+ heels are no longer appropriate. Fortunately, I have 11 years before I turn 50, so I can still wear my 4″ heels. 🙂

  5. Well, I saw it and although Madonna did look good (meaning…semi-appropriate) she definitely looked like a 53 year old trying to maneuver around that stage…at least she wasn’t offensive and it was sort of entertaining. I watched the whole thing and still missed MIA flipping the bird!

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