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Random Tuesday Spring Fever


Teresa says:

Beautiful pic! Have a beautiful day!!

Courtney says:

me too! great pic!

Michele says:

How pretty. Me too!

Lisa says:

Enjoy your Spring, Jan.

VandyJ says:

I’m getting itchy for spring too–but it won’t hit here for another couple of weeks.

Kristine says:

I love Pussy Willows..spring can’t come soon enough…

So pretty. Too bad we didn’t post our two black and white photos together today – they would look so nice together!
: )

You and me both, my friend. Big time.

And when’s it going to get here? Oh yeah – 81 and thunderstorms tomorrow – I think it’s finally going to arrive with a big bang – literally and figuratively speaking. 😉

Regina Lynn says:

Beautiful! And when I say “beautiful” I really mean “JEALOUS!” That IS a lovely shot though.

Karrie says:

Interesting twist to use B&W when color is expected! I can almost “see” the color!

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