Random Tuesday W.T.F.

I am going to dispense with the usual pleasantries that normally accompany Random Tuesday Thoughts and keep this entry brief, for reasons that will become painfully obvious shortly.


This was our garden Sunday afternoon, when it was sunny, 75 F and very spring-like:


This our garden this morning, when it’s 33 F and SNOWING:

Garden-Left Snow

Okay, I promise I’m done bitching about the snow during April.  I pinky-promise I won’t do it again this spring – even if we get a blizzard tomorrow.


Let this serve as a warning to you all:

ridin the rhino

This is what happens when you go to a wine tasting on a Monday night with the crazy people from the Sushi Bar – you end up astride a rubber rhinoceros in downtown Podunk.

(Full credit must be given to my friend, D.G., who is a far better sport than I.)

And on that note, I’m going to go drink more coffee and pretend I’m a human being rather than a hungover pile of sludge.

I’m too old for this shit…

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday W.T.F.”

  1. E V E R Y time I have “too much” – which, these days, is a whole lot less than it used to be! – I say that I am too old for this shit. And, recovery takes a whole lot longer. Sigh.

    I do have a question, though. What is the small, tall box-bed in the middle of the garden?

    1. Ouida, it’s nice to know someone can sympathize with my hangover. You’re right – it takes a whole lot less than it used to, and a whole lot longer to recover. Blerg.

      As for the small, tall box in the center of the garden – that’s a potato box. Which is used for just what you’d think: growing potatoes. Yukon golds, to be exact. If we meet with success this year, it will be joined by more.

      1. I thought as much. Thanks for the reply. Will you add additional boards on the sides, and dirt inside, as the plants grow?

        1. That’s the plan. Not to worry, we are going to do many posts this summer about our garden, as well as the preserving of the food we harvest.

  2. I must say I’m a tad jealous of your awesome garden set-up in your backyard! I can’t wait to see what growth happens – after Mother Nature stops her BS and stops sending snow your way, that is. 😉 I’m with Ouida – what’s the small, tall box-bed in the middle?

    And I LOVE that you have friends that get wild and crazy to the point of sitting astride a rhino – y’all would be so much fun to get crazy with! 🙂

    1. Lisa, outside of a ladder, there’s no way I could have gotten up there – D.G. is a good 8 inches taller than me, and she still needed a boost from Beloved.

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