Random Tuesday Watermelon Daiquiri

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Random Tuesday Thoughts, and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of Be’s cocktail recipes.  So today you get both – sort of a Two For Tuesday type of thing.

Oh – with a picture of A Certain Young Man.  Because Grandmas do that.

It’s been a wild and wooly week and a half – The Young One not only returned home, escorted by Oldest Son, less than two weeks ago, but begins school tomorrow.  Since I’ve literally had a houseful (we have four bedrooms – two of which are unoccupied – plus a futon in the basement, and someone still had to sleep on the sofa), I have had NO time to do anything that even remotely resembles school shopping.

Guess what I’m doing today.  Oh, joy.

And have I mentioned my baby will be a junior this year?

Good gawd.  I’m ancient.

This weekend we were graced with a visit from The G Man, who turned TWO YEARS OLD last Monday (what was I saying about being ancient?).  It was wonderful, because it not only gave me an opportunity to look at this sweet little face to my heart’s content…

The G Man – 2 Years Old

…it gave me an excuse to play with fondant.

Dinosaur Cake

For any “new” readers that might be visiting today, I was a professional cake decorator when I was younger.  About the time dinosaurs roamed the earth, so the theme is appropriate.  And no, I did not eat any cake; even if gluten didn’t make me feel like complete crud, I still wouldn’t have eaten any – when you spend 12 hours a day, six days a week up to your elbows in cake and buttercream for ten years, cake isn’t exactly what you’d call “appealing” any more.

Pie, on the other hand, is a different matter all together.  Which is why I have a grain-free pie crust recipe, but not a grain-free cake recipe.


Because our adult children were with us, Beloved took the opportunity to break out the new cocktail shaker we picked up on our trip to Charleston earlier this month.  There were many martinis, a few margaritas (which I refuse to touch), and Be’s take on a cocktail I indulged in during our trip:  a Watermelon Daiquiri.  The version I had there consisted of watermelon pureé, rum and mint-infused simple syrup (bad, yes) – the one Be concocted was less sweet (and a bit more potent, but that’s the way we roll).

At any rate, melons are now in season and the variety available at our farmer’s market is nothing short of amazing.  We have purchased a huge muskmelon and this tiny, seedless watermelon; I have no idea what it is called.  It had no stripes on the rind and the flesh was a delicate pink rather than a bright red, and was quite sweet.  With the the top sliced off and the insides scooped out and pureéd in the food processor, it was not only the perfect ingredient but the perfect vessel for this very tasty drink.

Watermelon Daiquir

Watermelon Daiquiri

serves me

1 part Rum
1 part Watermelon-flavored vodka
2 parts watermelon puree

Pour all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well to blend, then strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with a cube of watermelon and a slice of banana that’s been dipped in lemon juice, and serve.

Printable version (requires Adobe Reader)

14 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Watermelon Daiquiri”

  1. I’m not coctail drinker, but I do love watermelon! Yum, slurp!! That cake you made sure is cute. How perfect is that for a little feller? I’ve written a children’ story called, There Are Dinosaurs in my Backyard. It’s not published yet, but it’s the hands of my agent. *keep fingers crossed* But, oooh, we all love cake and pie at my house! You can send your portion of the cake this way. =D

  2. I could tell you that boy gets cuter with every photo, but I’ve had my share of “Duh!” for the day. Love the cake, hate the gluten, and I think Be needs to put out a recipe book for his cocktails. Just not at the same time as your cookbook. Competition isn’t healthy when it comes to sales..

  3. G man is soooo cute and his cake is wonderful! I’m a baker too and I have lost interest in eating sweets. The smell of glaze and fondant makes me gag. LOL

  4. Yum! I can’t believe G is TWO! Wow, time flies! RC flies back to college tomorrow. PR begins his junior year a few days after Labor Day … school starts late here. Today is Briefcase’s 50th birthday! Can you say CHAOTIC? I think I need a watermelon daiquiri! : )

  5. The one thing that the South does great is melon. I will show this recipe to JR; he’s the bartender at our house too. Cute boy you got there.

  6. Holy moly G Man is growing so stinkin’ FAST! Cuter than ever, of course! 🙂 And Princess Nagger is jealous of the cake, though she said it’s more for babies, she’d need one a little ‘older’. I reminded her it was for a 2 year old, and she said: “Oh, then that’s perfect for him, then.” 😉

    MUST try that watermelon daiquiri – you and Be are quite the talented pair, aren’t you? 😉

  7. Two yummy treats all in one post!

    Ahhh, I thought there might be a birthday post while I was away, I just had to find it. How stinking cute is he? I can’t believe they’re already two. Sigh. Seems like just yesterday.

    That little melon number looks tasty. Be can come be my bartender anytime!

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