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Random Tuesday Winter…Stuff

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Random Tuesday Thoughts, but I actually had some random this week, so here we go.  Grab the new and improved funky purple button, link up to Keely and let’s all play along.


Excerpt from an IM conversation between me and Oldest Son:

Me: Your mother is a strange person, dear

Oldest Son: LOL how so?

Me: I can guarantee she’s the only person you know who says things like “Well, shit – I need to take another jar of lard out of the freezer.”

Oldest Son: LMAO

What?  It’s true.


Why is it that I can find a pair of shoes, try them on, walk around the store and declare them the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in my entire life only to take them home and the minute I put them on, they rub 47 huge blisters on my feet?

Someone please tell me this phenomenon is not limited to just me.


A conversation between me and The Young One, when the Miami Heat went to Cleveland for their game last week:

TYO: Are you excited about the football game?

Me:  It’s basketball, honey.

Hey, at least he knew it was a sport and they were playing a game.


To the person who found my blog via a search for “Gross pics of liver and onions”:

#%$@ you too.


Seen on a t-shirt in a local butcher shop (alas, one that does not sell grass-finished beef or pastured pork, but does sell the best Mexican chorizo I’ve found in Ohio):

“Friends don’t let friends buy grocery store meat.”

Amen, brother.  Amen.


And here is the view in my neighborhood this morning.

Our Street

Our Humble Abode

I think the black and white really emphasizes the bleak starkness of it all, don’t you?

It’s gonna be a long winter.  *sigh*


Claire says:

It does look pretty bleak. Blah.

Jan says:

Yeah. I moved to Ohio from Texas five years ago (this is my sixth winter) and I REALLY miss the sunny skies and 70 degree temps they experience this time of year. *sigh*

Michele says:

I like snow for a couple of days. After that…..not so much. Same with cold and rain.
The Miami Heat are a basketball team? Good to know. I think.

Jan says:

Hey, the only reason I know the Heat are a basketball team is because of LeBron James. And trust me, I wish I didn’t know so much about him.

rubbish says:

Lovely looking house Jan. We live opposite a park and because it’s icy as opposed to snowing the local council have closed it on health and safety grounds in case someone slips and breaks a leg! How pathetic is that?

Jan says:

Well, it’s good to know it’s not just the U.S. government that has a bad case of the fascist stoopids.

Peg says:

You are only a plane ride away from sunny Phoenix….you are always welcome.

Jan says:

Peg, you have NO idea how tempted I am to take you up on the offer!!

Lori says:

I should take a picture of all the snow we have now which could be worse if all the strong winds hadn’t blown a lot of it away…there is plenty and of course the little’s love it…thankfully little man loves to shovel it.

I like your randoms…the conversations with your kids…but hey I take lard out of my freezer…so I guess I am strange too…and yes it will be a long winter but when isn’t it? 🙂 Hope your Tuesday is totally terrific! 🙂 XX

Jan says:

Lori, it’s too bad you don’t live closer – Little Man would have more than enough shoveling to keep him occupied this winter! LOL

Mama Badger says:

You got more snow than us, and you’re farther from the lake. Hmmm.

It doesn’t matter what the sport was. Cleveland lost. Did we expect different?

Jan says:

Hey – the Browns won this weekend. The Cowboys, too. Yes, we’ve gone into shock.

VandyJ says:

Kind of jealous of your snow–but then I’m weird and like snow. Ours is sort of sad icy lumps right now. It’s been in the upper 30’s/low 40’s and everything is melting. It’s depressing.
Those pictures are lovely though.

Jan says:

Sad, icy lumps are coming – this won’t last. What’s really annoying is that even the sad, icy lumps will probably be gone at Christmas when my older kids arrive. It just figures.

Love the saying! I had a friend with the slogan for his butcher shop: “You may beat my prices, but you CAN’T beat my meat!” LOL
I actually love the snow. Maybe it is about the beginning of winter for me. I guess it is how you look at things. You are able to have a warm fire, make up a delicious ham and chorizo soup, and get out and have a snowball fight with your children. Nothing stark about that at all!

Jan says:

*perks right up* Ham and chorizo soup? I made a ham last night – absolutely MARVELOUS – but it was huge and I have tons left over. And that soup sounds like just the ticket for tonight. *scurries off to Google “ham and chorizo soup”*

Wow – how fun! I love, love, love the photo of your house! Beautiful!

Jan says:

Oh, I’d send you some of the snow if I could – trust me! LOL And thank you – we’re kinda partial to our dwelling ourselves; it DOES look nice wreathed in snow. I’ll have to get the tripod out and take a pic of it tonight with the lights on.

Chuck says:

i have lived near the wrath of Lake Erie all my life. i love the snow because i have no choice. could get pretty depressing if i didn’t. cleared 7 driveways in the last 2 days. got quite a workout. it is still coming down like crazy. gonna have to do it all again soon. bundle up with some good music on the ipod and you forget that it is 20 degrees out.

btw, loved that squash recipe. gonna have to share a “texas chili” recipe with you soon. the beans are replaced by bacon. seems like a very good trade right.

Jan says:

Beloved went out to shovel the driveway and walk this morning before we left for the office and was gone so long I had visions of him lying in the snow, victim of a heart attack (you hear about that EVERY winter up here). But when I went to track him down, he was just out shoveling the neighbor’s driveway and walk, too.

The squash recipe was so good, it’s going into the regular dinner rotation at our house. Last night I made scalloped turnips; interesting, but I’m not sure I’ll post the recipe yet. They need work.

Wild Child says:

*Waves hand frantically in the air* Me, me, me, I have that exact same shoe problem. Just bought some new brown shoes that are gorgeous and I assumed would be so comfy (I think comfort was in the name) and my poor little toe gets squeezed. The agony is that they look so good on, I debate the good-lookingness with the comfort every day.

Jan says:

I am immediately suspicious of any shoe that has “comfort” as part of the name or description. It’s sort of like any food that has “healthy” as part of its name or description – there’s a leg, either real or proverbial, being pulled somewhere.

Why, oh why, did we move somewhere that I can’t wear Crocs 356 days a year?

Gretchen says:

I know you don’t want to hear it, but the snow is gorgeous (says the woman who has tangerines growing in her backyard at this very moment).

I have a similar shoe problem. Actually, the problem is that my feet are very big, but not quite big enough. They are 10 1/2. 10s are a misery, 11s rattle around on my feet. It’s a real problem. So I end up having to buy a lot of shoes through the internet, which means I never even get that moment in the store that you get. It’s sad. (but I do have tangerines growing in my backyard at this very moment.)

Jan says:

Nope. Don’t want to hear it. (Although I can be bribed with freshly picked tangerines.)

Lisa says:

Ah, but the snow sets off your wreath SO WELL:).

Jan says:

The minute I saw your comment, I thought “I need to take a better picture of that wreath for Lisa – if anyone will appreciate it, she will.”

Hilary says:

You are definitely not alone in the shoe department. I do that ALL the time. I pretty much have no shoes that actually fit, but since I love them, I still wear them!

Jan says:

I think I have 3 pairs of shoes that actually fit. Out of 163 pairs.

*stands up* Hello, my name is Jan and I’m a shameless shoe whore.

BE says:

Yes you are.

Jan says:

You just want me to remove “shoe” from that statement! 😛

BE says:

Not if they are stilettos!

Yep – I am in Ohio too and I am NOT loving the snow. (sigh)

Great Random post!

Jan says:

Thank you! My random seems to be lacking in quantity these days, so I tend to go for quality. LOL

Erin says:

Have you tried clogs? I only wear Sanita or Dansko – am on my feet all day long and my feet are happy.

Those photos are amazing. I know it’s only the beginning of the snow season… but I’m looking forward to some of it.

Jan says:

When I wear clogs, they are Crocs. I know, I know – but they’re darn comfortable.

You’re not alone. Sigh,.
Signed, the one with one pair of nice shoes, which are sandals. During freezing weather..

Jan says:

*smiles* As I wore my Croc flats with the faux plaid design while it was snowing like a mad bastard outside, I had a co-worker say to me, “You’re such a terrible patient (I am), you’d think you’d try to AVOID getting sick and wear real shoes.”

Spoken like a man.

You are definitely not alone in the shoe department. Including your Shoe Whore confession. 😉

When I saw the snowy pictures, I immediately started singing (in my head) “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Send some our way, willya? Might as well have the pretty white stuff with the brutal cold Mother Nature decided to hit us with. 🙂

Jan says:

Stacy, I’d ship ALL of it your way if I could!

goodfather says:

BEAUTiful shots of the snow. And, it does look cold. We’re back to rain over here on the Rust Coast.

Jan says:

I’d take rain right now, but I’d prefer some SUN. I’m starting to forget what it looks like.

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