Red Flannel Hash

Good Monday morning, everyone.  I’m thinking about making Make Ahead Monday a once-a-month thing – opinions?  In the meantime, link up your real food recipes that can be made ahead!

Today’s recipe qualifies as a make ahead meal because it is comprised almost entirely of leftovers and preserved ingredients – things you should already have in your refrigerator and pantry.  And not only is it a quick and easy brunch or dinner, it is really tasty, too!

Beloved and I found ourselves alone Saturday evening, and since it was pretty warm outside, we fired up the grill and made two of our dry-aged rib eye steaks, shrimp, sweet potatoes and prosciutto wrapped asparagus.  It was all wonderful and delicious, but way too much food; after eating the shrimp and asparagus, we barely had any room left over for the steaks and potatoes – we ate less than half of each.

But that was okay, because it solved the problem of what to have for Sunday brunch – who doesn’t love a good hash?  And since Spring is apparently upon us already, we’d been down in the basement taking stock of what was left of the foods we’d canned last summer and fall, and saw that we still had a few jars of pickled beets (I really don’t know how that happened; we both love them and I honestly thought we’d eaten them all).  At any rate, I began to wonder if pickled beets would work for a Red Flannel Hash – most recipes called for leftover boiled or roasted beets, which give the hash an earthy flavor and a lovely red tinge.  However, a little research showed that in pioneer days, when pickling was a popular method of preserving food, pickled beets were common in this rustic dish, so that’s what I used.

It was really, really good.

You can, of course, use roasted or boiled beets and it will be fine.  Or leave them out all together if you don’t care for beets.  If you don’t have any sweet potatoes, white potatoes will work well, too.

Red Flannel Hash
Red Flannel Hash
Serves: 3
  • 6 ounces leftover steak or roast beef, finely chopped
  • 3/4 cup leftover cooked sweet potato, diced
  • 1/2 small onion, finely diced
  • 1/2 cup diced pickled beets
  • 3 tablespoons ghee, divided
  • 3 large eggs
  1. Melt two tablespoons of the ghee in a 12″ skillet or sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring frequently, until soft, about 3 or 4 minutes. Increase the heat to medium-high; add the beef and sweet potato and cook, stirring occasionally, until heated through and beginning to brown slightly.
  2. Reduce the heat slightly and stir in the beets. Press down on the mixture with a spatula, forming a large pancake, and cook until well-browned on the bottom. Flip and cook for a minute or two more, again pressing down with the spatula. Remove from the heat and keep warm.
  3. Melt the remaining tablespoon of ghee in another skillet over medium heat; break the eggs into the skillet and cook until the whites are set; carefully flip the eggs over, taking care not to break them. Cook for another 30 seconds and remove from the heat.
  4. Divide the hash between three dishes and top each with one over-easy egg. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve immediately.
  5. Nutrition (per serving): 408 calories, 27.9g total fat, 265.3mg cholesterol, 231.2mg sodium, 571.8mg potassium, 18g carbohydrates, 2.8g fiber, 9.1g sugar, 22g protein.

PLEASE – post recipes with whole, real food ingredients only. Dairy, sprouted grains and legumes and natural sweeteners are allowed, but recipes containing processed or refined ingredients or vegetable oils will be removed.  Don’t forget to link back to this post! Thanks for your cooperation.

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  1. I’ll tell you what – this is not only delicious it is filling. I couldn’t even finish leftovers today.

  2. Wow, this is turning over a new leaf for my wife and me, not to mention our two little girls. I can already see us getting healthier!

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