Red-Headed Step-Child Martini

The Spin Cycle this week is about stress.  Eeeeewwwwwwww.  There was a time in my life I was under so much stress it made me physically ill.   Very ill.  Extremely ill.

For like two years straight.

But once I removed myself from the stressful situation I was in, the illness went away – practically overnight.  Not that things were all hunky dory afterwards – far from it – but the situation was so much better it was unbelievable.

The memory of that very stressful time in my life stays with me; I keep it close, and on purpose.  Not so I can feel sorry for myself, or dwell on the past, but because the saying “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” is very, very true.  And because no matter how hairy things may get now (and sometimes things get very hairy indeed), the knowledge that things could be much, much worse is always right there where I can get to it easily.

What, you may ask, does all of this have to do with a Red-Headed Step-Child Martini?

Well…why not?  I mean, really – if you’re feeling stressed-out and put upon, what better drink to unwind with than a Red-Headed Step-Child Martini?

Actually, the name is all Oldest Son’s idea.  Beloved and I had been perusing the liqueur section of the local liquor store when we came across a bottle of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur.  Ginger liqueur?!?!?  Well, we just HAD to try that out.  But what would go well with ginger liqueur?  We picked up both a bottle of of pineapple-flavored vodka and orange-flavored vodka.  Later, as we were doing a little experimenting, I had the following IM conversation with Oldest Son:

Me: I got some ginger liqueur and orange flavored vodka – YUM. Now I need a name for the damn thing…

Oldest Son: Ooo, that sounds good!

Me: It’s quite tasty (I’ve got some pineapple flavored vodka to go with it too…)

Oldest Son: Ginger and orange… the Red-Headed Step-Child maybe?

The kid is brilliant.  The only problem is that it wasn’t red – it was clear.

You think that’s going to stop Beloved?

Red-Headed Step-Child Martini

Red-Headed Step-Child Martini

serves Percy Weasley

1/2 part Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

1/2 part Rose’s Pomegranate Twist Cocktail Infusion

2 parts orange-flavored vodka

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with some ice; shake vigorously.  Strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with a cherry and serve immediately.

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  1. I think my stress reliever this summer is to peruse your martini recipes and try a new one every week. Yep. That’ll do it ; -)

    And so with you Jan on keeping it close. I plan to remember this year for the rest of my life for the very same reasons.
    .-= phhhst´s last blog ..Spin Cycle= Stress =-.

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