RTT – 3 Weeks In, Politics, and Back To School Blasphemy

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well, here it is – Tuesday again.  Menopause seems to have stolen my brain this morning, so I’ll just do some Random rather than try to write something coherent.

You’re welcome.

(And bless you, Stacy.)


Today is Day 21 of the Whole30.  I have to admit, at the beginning I was more than a little dubious about my ability to see it through (having failed miserably twice before), but I am confident that I’ll make it through the next week without a problem.  Even exercising every day is not as hard as I thought it would be; the day before yesterday as we were getting ready for bed, Beloved said, “Hey – you haven’t exercised today!”  So I dropped to the floor and did 40 crunches before my abdomen gave out.  The above mentioned brain fog began last night – I’m just so darn tired and am having a lot of trouble concentrating – and I was not in the least bit motivated to take my usual mile+ evening walk, so I did three sets of 10 squats and 10 pushups.


At any rate, I’m glad I subscribed to the daily motivational emails; they’ve been great at informing me about what to expect over the 30 days.  For instance, today’s email talks about forming habits, and a curious effect called “extinction burst.”  Simply put, “Any time you quit something cold turkey, your brain will make a last-ditch effort to return you to your habit.”

Which probably explains why I’ve been craving a damn waffle like mad for the last 3 days.


I’m sorry, Mr. Akin – apologize all you want.  You’re still a douche bag.

And people wonder why I don’t view my Libertarian vote as a wasted vote.  Just about anyone would be better than the clowns in office, or those running for it, in either of the “major” parties.


We hit another milestone at the Sushi Bar tomorrow:  The Young One begins his obscenely expensive senior year in high school.  As he’s the youngest of five, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that 1) after 23 years, I’m almost done with public school and B) good gawd, I really am THAT old.


Yesterday, while we were out and about, engaging in our annual tradition of waiting until the last possible moment to go school shopping, I noticed the arthritis in my hands twitching.  Since changing our diet over two years ago it has almost completely disappeared, but once in a while I’ll notice it.  I commented on it, and The Young One asked me why it was bothering me.

“See those rain clouds on the horizon?  It’s probably going to rain, and for some reason, cold or damp weather can make your arthritis act up.”


“I really don’t know,” I replied, “but it probably has something to do with the barometric pressure.  It drops when it rains.”

“Well, why don’t you Google it and find out?” he asked (and quite reasonably, I might add.)  “You can find out anything on Google…”

“I guess I should,” I said.  “Does that, like, make Google a god?”

“It might as well be!”

That does it.  I’m going to spend every Sunday morning henceforth as the Church of the Almighty Search Engine.  Does that make Larry Page and Sergey Brin Co-Popes?

9 thoughts on “RTT – 3 Weeks In, Politics, and Back To School Blasphemy”

  1. I agree: I don’t want either of the candidates; I just want someone to make a change in our government. And someone who is more even-keeled. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Well it does have an answer to every question!

    But by that standard, “thou art God”. 😉

    Vote for Gary Johnson!

    1. Not to worry, Lisa – I try to stay away from politics, as I’m sure you’re aware. Sometimes I just can’t help it, though; living in a “swing state,” we are absolutely inundated with political ads and news. We’ve just been beaten over the head with this whole “legitimate rape” thing. I sorta snapped there for a minute. 😛

  3. I wish they would limit the campaigning to two month before the primaries and 6 weeks before the natoinal election–I get so sick of the mudslinging and sniping.

  4. A line from the NPR poet of the day: “If you got pregnant you must have liked it.” Your politics and mine are not the same in many respects, but I like reading about yours from time to time. You think, you’re funny, and you’re interesting. I don’t read blogs that are nothing but politics because I like more variety and I like to read blogs that give me a chance to get to know different kinds of people. Politics are an important aspect of life in a democracy. A person’s politics are part of his or her personality.

    I must admit that I would stop reading a blog that agreed with Mr. Akin.

  5. Impressed by your impending Whole 30 success.
    Akin is the worst sort of tool. The whole thing makes me queasy. Jerk.
    Good luck to the Young One for school starting. Well done on getting them all through high school… 🙂

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