RTT: Fame, Food and Anarchy

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Oh, look…I’ve got some Random today.


I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received an email from someone at Huffington Post – not my favorite publication by any means, but when they tell me they’re doing a feature on recipes using apple cider in the Taste section and would like to make my Autumn Beef Stew part of the article, I think I can find it in me to like them just a little bit more than is normal.

The recipe is #19 in the list, but if you check the little box at the lower left-hand corner of the slideshow next to “sort by ranking” you’ll see it’s #1.



We have The G Man all week, and we’re both a wee bit frustrated with each other when it comes to breakfast.  And lunch.  And dinner.  He’s frustrated because he can’t have peanut butter and jelly and chocolate milk for every meal, and I’m frustrated because he wants peanut butter and jelly and chocolate milk for every meal.

I can get him to eat part of a scrambled egg if I sneak it into a grilled cheese sandwich (he is surprisingly accepting of my choice of sprouted oat bread), but generally will only eat half of it.  So this morning I only made half a sandwich…of which he ate half.

We won’t even go into the fiasco of the Swedish meatball and broccoli dinner last night.

One of us is going to persevere, ahem, and I can only hope he will still love his Meema when Mommy comes back from her cruise on Sunday.


He’s an amusing and surprisingly adroit little bugger, though.  One day when Jolly picked him up from the sitter, he had scribbled all over his arm with a marker.

“What’s on your arm?” she asked.

He looked at her like she’d lost her mind.

“My fingers, Mommy.”


Since yesterday was a holiday here in the states, The Young One had the day off from school…but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a thing or three to say about it.

“Columbus Day?  That’s stupid – Columbus didn’t discover America, the Vikings did!”  (Yes, we too shall conveniently ignore the Native Americans for the time being.)

“So, what – you want ‘Erik the Red Day’ instead?”

He shrugged.  “Works for me.”

This coming from a kid whose friends have formed an Anarchists Club at school – if you show up for a meeting, you’re kicked out.


Okay, I’m done.  Go forth, visit Stacy and behold more Random Tuesday Thoughts.

12 thoughts on “RTT: Fame, Food and Anarchy”

  1. I saw that your awesome recipe was featured on Huffington Post and that squeeee you heard from your East was me. 😉 Way to go!!

    I’m giggling uncontrollably because I’m having a ‘been there, done that’ moment reading about G Man – first it was Princess Nagger, now it’s Little Dude. I’m still trying to persevere on both counts…and keep my sanity. 🙂

    HA! Princess Nagger said something similar to The Young One about Columbus Day – now I’ll have to suggest to her the Anarchists Club, she might follow his lead. 😉

  2. althpugh huff makes no bones about their political leanings, they are not afraid to rock the boat nutritionally. for that, i am grateful. congrats on the pub.

  3. Enjoy your grandma time. Have you tried some other types of spreads? My son would only eat peanut butter for years. I bought “the healthy kind” and also tried sunflower spread and other seed/nut butters. Do you have a Trader Joe’s there?

  4. My two year old wants to eat cookies and crackers. Only cookies and crackers. It is driving me nuts…I hope she survives this phase without getting scurvy.

    Visiting from Random Tuesday

  5. Trying to feed small people is a challenge. I’ve been doing it for nine years now and I still can’t get it right–they keep changing the things they’ll eat.

  6. Sprite has been begrudgingly bending to our food rules in the house and I’ve usually gotten her to try something new when I would tell her, “but you ate it when you were two and you LOVED it”. So she would try it and then clean her plate. Last weekend, when the both of us were under the weather, I placed the chicken soup in front of her and she didn’t want to try it. So I told her “but you ate it when you were two and you LOVED it”. She then looked down at the bowl of soup in disgust and said, “then my tastebuds weren’t working right when I was two.”

  7. *snort* Loved it all, especially the anarchists’ club. As to the food, at this point, I’d be ecstatic if Wee Lass wanted PBJ and chocolate milk. Her Holy Trinity of foods is chips, cheese and crackers. It’s making me a a little nuts.

  8. He really isn’t that bad. Sure, we have to accommodate his needs, but I don’t think he was very hungry last night – being ornery is fun when you aren’t starving! Of course, he woke up hungry but the best part is that he ate well tonight.

    BTW, I’m joining the anarchists’ club – I respect their commitment!

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