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RTT: Knives and Alcohol

I’ve been slacking in my participation of Random Tuesday Thoughts lately.  My bad.  My very, very bad.  So, c’mon y’all – grab the hammy purple button and play along with Keely.


Several years ago, Beloved bought me a set of very expensive kitchen knives.  Lo, these many years later, they’ve become a bit dull, and I have despaired (but not quite enough to ask for a new set of knives; I’m not stupid, despite popularly held belief in some quarters).

However, recent consultation with The G Man’s daddy (who is a culinary school graduate and kitchen manager for the most profitable Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Ohio) and Jason of Well Done Chef!, I’ve found that with the proper equipment I can sharpen and hone my expensive kitchen knives myself.

Now we’re talkin’.

So, with the addition of a new honing steel (who’d’ve thunk I’d need a new one seven years later?) and a whetstone purchased at the local hardware store, I’ve been obsessively sharpening and honing my knives.

There are people who know me that are disturbed by that thought.



There are times I’m deeply disappointed I decided not to blog about religion, politics or our extended families.  There’s just so much material there.  *sigh*


What about sex?

No, no – I only discuss that when I think the kids need to be traumatized.


Poor Scooter has been a tad constipated the last few days.  Did you know you can give your dog an enema?

Yeah, I could have gone the rest of MY life without knowing that, too.


Since I’m short on random this week, I thought I’d give you this:

More of Beloved’s Mixology Magic – we went to the liquor store and I picked out a melon-flavored vodka and some Midori, which is a melon liqueur.  This is what he came up with, and it is damn tasty.

(As for the picture, I may be a decent photographer but a lousy bartender – my lemon twist looks more like a lemon slab, but that’s okay.  I guess.)

The Melontini

serves me

½ part Midori or melon liqueur

1 part melon-flavored vodka

1 part vodka

1 part Fresca (yes, Fresca)

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice.  Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a slab twist of lemon.

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