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RTT: Knives and Alcohol

I’ve been slacking in my participation of Random Tuesday Thoughts lately.  My bad.  My very, very bad.  So, c’mon y’all – grab the hammy purple button and play along with Keely.


Several years ago, Beloved bought me a set of very expensive kitchen knives.  Lo, these many years later, they’ve become a bit dull, and I have despaired (but not quite enough to ask for a new set of knives; I’m not stupid, despite popularly held belief in some quarters).

However, recent consultation with The G Man’s daddy (who is a culinary school graduate and kitchen manager for the most profitable Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Ohio) and Jason of Well Done Chef!, I’ve found that with the proper equipment I can sharpen and hone my expensive kitchen knives myself.

Now we’re talkin’.

So, with the addition of a new honing steel (who’d’ve thunk I’d need a new one seven years later?) and a whetstone purchased at the local hardware store, I’ve been obsessively sharpening and honing my knives.

There are people who know me that are disturbed by that thought.



There are times I’m deeply disappointed I decided not to blog about religion, politics or our extended families.  There’s just so much material there.  *sigh*


What about sex?

No, no – I only discuss that when I think the kids need to be traumatized.


Poor Scooter has been a tad constipated the last few days.  Did you know you can give your dog an enema?

Yeah, I could have gone the rest of MY life without knowing that, too.


Since I’m short on random this week, I thought I’d give you this:

More of Beloved’s Mixology Magic – we went to the liquor store and I picked out a melon-flavored vodka and some Midori, which is a melon liqueur.  This is what he came up with, and it is damn tasty.

(As for the picture, I may be a decent photographer but a lousy bartender – my lemon twist looks more like a lemon slab, but that’s okay.  I guess.)

The Melontini

serves me

½ part Midori or melon liqueur

1 part melon-flavored vodka

1 part vodka

1 part Fresca (yes, Fresca)

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice.  Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a slab twist of lemon.


Presumably if you had even asked G-Man he would have given you some helpful advise on knife sharpening? Or is he still a tad too young to know about knives?
.-= Mo “Mad Dog” Stoneskin´s last blog ..No Way Back (Part 1) =-.

Ginger says:

I hear ya. I’ve been so slack on posting anything lately. I posted my rerun post for the Spin cycle (because it was easy, duh!) and guess what I got? Some bitch named “bonnie” slammed me on one of my Ordeal of a Lifetime posts because I mentioned the baby Jesus and having a blood Mary in the same paragraph.

It makes me want to go on a real big ole rant about religion and hypocrisy. Especially since I’m feeling so cranky and menopausal lately ANYWAY.

I need one of those martinis you are advertising. Right now,( for the Love of the baby Jesus!)

LPC says:

I too find sharpening knives to be VERRRY satisfying.
.-= LPC´s last blog ..Awards and Happiness =-.

My hardware store sharpens knives for 50 cents an inch, with a minimum $2 charge. I take them there once a year, then bring out the edge in between with one of those rod thingies.

Dull knives are dangerous. Which is why I was so tempted to leave the knives at the outlaws’ place alone. But I got sick of using them while I was there, so we got them a new set for Christmas. The good news is the father outlaw doesn’t like the new knives, so maybe he’ll keep using the old ones. Cross your fingers.
.-= class factotum´s last blog ..Marriage 201, Lecture 489: Save big money =-.

Suzicate says:

I LOVE fresca! I’ll bet that’s good.
.-= Suzicate´s last blog ..101 Random Things About Me =-.

Elle Em En says:

Sharpening knives is always fun.

I agree with you on those being some topics to avoid, but to be honest I like when others blog about that stuff. It gives me different perspectives and sometimes even some insight as to why I feel the way I do about certain topics.

I think dog enemas are one of those things that goes in my invisible big book of things I DON’T want to know! *laughs* 🙂

Also that martini looks very yummy.
.-= Elle Em En´s last blog ..Random Though Tuesday =-.

Mrsbear says:

I’ll take the melontini, since my kids are off to school today and I’ve got something to celebrate.

I have to admit though, the thought of you sharpening all your kitchen knives on a whetstone is a bit frightening.

I hope to never EVER have to give a dog an enema. Actually I can’t conceive of a situation in which I’d volunteer to do that…

Happy Tuesday. 🙂
.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Spring Cracking and Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

Erin says:

I love Fresca. I might try this sometimes… yum.
I’m sorry you don’t blog about religion and politics. It could be fun. 🙂

An enema for a dog? Good to know…
Is it wrong that it’s only 11:20 and you’ve got me wanting one of those drinks??
.-= Maureen@IslandRoar´s last blog ..Where’s My Horse?? =-.

Raven says:

I’ve been slacking on posting the last few months too, but I think I’m starting to pick up again.

I think I’ll leave my knives dull. I’m too afraid of prison to have sharp knives laying around.

Have a great Tuesday!
.-= Raven´s last blog ..Food, Nephew Love, and Pagan Stuff =-.

Gretchen says:

I, too, try to to leave religion and politics out, but they keep slipping in. I try, however, to keep from offending anybody. I guess it’s religion and politics lite.

That Melontini looks dangerous. Because it probably tastes yummy and is “diet” (Fresca’s brilliant” and I’d probabaly drink far too many, far too quickly. But I think I’ll try it out on the mommies this summer!
.-= Gretchen´s last blog ..10 Blog Carnival Themes I’m Considering =-.

Pseudo says:

You sure know how to do a martini Jan. Yum.
.-= Pseudo´s last blog ..Random thoughts on fate =-.

That’s funny, I was just thinking I have to get my knives sharpened too. I have honing steel but I don’t know how to use it and I’m afraid I’ll ruin a very nice knife set if I try. (Not to mention the whole dilemma of trying to do it with one working arm!) There’s a place not too far away that sharpens knives for restaurants and the public, but I have no idea if it’s expensive. It’s got to be a lot cheaper than a new set of nice knives though … quality knives are so expensive!
.-= Twenty Four At Heart´s last blog ..Lately, My Life Has Been a Whirlpool =-.

Harriet says:

I didn’t know that about dogs- not that I’d want to have to do it.

Have a great Tuesday!
.-= Harriet´s last blog ..Guess who is a Big “0″ =-.

Jenni says:

I love summer drinks. I’m on to the white wines and loving them. Can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and I can start on the vodka tonics.
.-= Jenni´s last blog ..Ba Na Na Na Na Na! Today is my Birthday! =-.

Hey anything with Fresca in it is yummmmmy. And sharpening knives? Oh that makes me happy happy happy.

Gina says:

Wait – I want instructions on how to sharpen the knives! Please!
Love the random and you might reconsider posting about religions, politics, crazy family members and sex cuz THAT’s what makes the world go round!
.-= Gina´s last blog ..Don’t Bother Me! I’m Trying to Hook Up with Taylor Swift =-.

Beth says:

I’ve missed you! My life has gotten way too busy and I just miss you. Totally understand about the politics and religion discussion ban. It’s how I roll, too.

Did I tell you that I’ve missed you? Well, I have!
.-= Beth´s last blog ..Reason 134 Why I Love My Secretaries =-.

John got us a cheap set of knives this last weekend. He wants the good ones but is willing to sacrifice good for thrifty.
.-= Sprite’s Keeper´s last blog ..HASAY: Handing in my resignation. =-.

Be says:

Drink too many of those and you might end up honing your razor wit on the poor dog. Ouch.

LOL at Ginger – if that is sacrilegious it’s a damn good thing “I” don’t blog. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick!

Michele says:

Who the hell cares what your hunk of lemon looks like the drink looks awesome. I don’t dare sharpen my knifes to a razors edge; I’ll cut my fingers off.
.-= Michele´s last blog ..Lantern Slides of Russian Life, 1917 =-.

Jason says:

The Melontini looks amazing! I can almost taste it right now. But are you sure it isn’t radioactive?

Aw, come on, Jan. Blog about sex and religion and the extended family all at once. I’d love to read that!
.-= Jason´s last blog ..Stream of Consciousness Blogging: My Man-Period and Playing Alone =-.

Aliceson says:

Dull knives drive me bonkers! I bought an electric sharpener right before Christmas and it was well worth the $50 and goofy looks when I fire it up.

That drink looks divine! Yumm!

Mama Badger says:

My father used to say that shaking a martini makes it weak, and only sissies and James Bond drink those… The melon makes it kind of girly anyway, though, doesn’t it? Mmmmm. Girly drinks.

PB is in charge of knife sharpening. Some Amish guy taught him how, I think.
.-= Mama Badger´s last blog ..The Spin Cycle- Appearances =-.

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