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RTT: Marketing and Mayhem

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I almost always wake up before Beloved does, especially during the week – I like to make sure The Young One is up and ready for school (he’s actualy pretty good about it for a 14-year-old boy).  Yesterday, after he left for the bus stop, I went back to our bedroom to wake Beloved up.

Still more asleep than awake, he said to me, “I figured out what’s wrong with the Captain Morgan rum advertising.”

“Oh?” I asked, completely unsurprised the man was working in his sleep.

“Mmm-hmmm.  There’s no girl on her knees in front of him.”

I laughed for five straight minutes – that was just so…male.  And so Beloved.  I’ll never be able to watch a Captain Morgan commercial again without bursting into hysterical giggles.

Why, oh why, does the dog insist on standing directly outside my bedroom door at 2 a.m., licking the tile?  I dribbled coffee on the kitchen floor, too – go in there, it’s on the other side of the house.  You can start on these floors after I’m up.

Speaking of the dog…does it make me a bad person because when he got loose yesterday and pooped on the crazy woman’s lawn across the street, I pretended not to notice and waited to call him in until after he was done?

The Young One may have another piece published in the school’s literary magazine.  I am so glad the kid has decided to take journalism next year in high school.

The Cliche Plot

by The Young One

On a dark, stormy night, a generic, overly-beautiful girl is kidnapped by the over-sized, green, scaly dragon of some random cardinal map direction.  They only person who can save her is some loser who turns completely awesome and slays the dragon with some magic sword from a “wizard”.  He gets the girl and lives happily ever after.

And after THAT is divorce, child support and IRS back taxes.

The End

The child obviously has a brilliant future writing cheesy youth fiction about sparkly vampires.

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