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A Sad Commentary

sausageI’m busier than a Kennedy at a strip club with an open bar today, but I thought I’d share this interesting little tidbit with you.

Last week, Beloved wrote a great guest post for me about how to eat real food while traveling.  He’s out of town this week again, and I got a phone call from him when he arrived at Baton Rouge on Monday.  Apparently there was a dearth of grass-fed beef and bison at the Whole Foods near his hotel, and he was looking over some boneless, skinless chicken thighs and Andouille sausage, wondering what he could do with them.  We talked a bit about it and I gave him some advice (which he took and appreciated), and had a couple of really nice dinners.

Wednesday he went back out to Whole Foods to pick up more of the sausage, since he needed something quick (he had to go back out to the client site after he ate) and the Andouille must have been gone, because later he called to tell me they had no sausage in the store that didn’t have added sugar.  He ended up buying plain ground pork and a seasoning blend with fennel in it, but when he asked the guy who worked at the meat counter if they had any sausage without sugar in it, the guy replied:

“No, or else it wouldn’t have any flavor.”

And that, friends and neighbors, is at least part of the reason why obesity and diabetes are such a problem.

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