My Sad, Sad Yarn Addiction

Hello.  My name is Jan and I’m a yarn addict.

The Yarn Stash

See?  And it doesn’t include the tons of scrap yarn, or yarn from works in progress.  I do, however, have plans for almost all of it, although there’s a few skeins I bought just because I liked it.

The folks at the local craft and yarn stores just LOVE me.

In this stash are 3 scarves, 2 hats, a pair of mittens, 2 afghans, a set of amigurimi Ninja Turtles and an amigurimi My Little Pony.  Oh, and however many Christmas ornaments I can make before it’s time to decorate the tree.  All of which you’ll see when they’re done.  If I can manage it, I’ll have the scarf I’m making for Darling Daughter finished this weekend and will post it next week – it’s going to be absolutely beautiful.

I will also have a recipe for lacto-fermented kosher garlic dill pickle spears, too, and will talk a little bit about how to keep a traditional, fermented pickle crisp.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

11 thoughts on “My Sad, Sad Yarn Addiction”

    1. Girlie, I’m telling you – you HAVE to come visit. We’ll go to every yarn, fabric and craft store in the area, then pack it all up and ship it to Vermont. I’m dead serious!

  1. The is a lot of yarn. My mother is much the same way about thread, yarn, beads, fabric, etc. She is very handy. Me, not so much. I do need to work on some crochet this winter though.

    1. Vandy, you really should. It’s relaxing and you get such a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project (which does not have to be large).

    1. If things ever calm down for you (I know – hahahahahahaaaaa), you should give it a whirl again. It really is nice and relaxing.

  2. I love this! I would like to get a gift of yarn for a friend who loves to knit with quality yarns, but have no idea what to get or how much. Any help or guidelines appreciated.

    1. I’m not sure I can be much help; this is a fairly new hobby for me and I haven’t really delved into the world of “high quality” yarns – all of my yarn purchases so far have been affordable acrylic or 100% cotton yarns. I know wool is popular for clothing items, as are alpaca blends. In fact, the alpaca blends are some of the softest I’ve ever touched, but they’re not cheap.

    1. The G Man? I don’t think he’s seen the whole stash all together like that. He is fascinated with the whole process of crochet, though, and will watch me intently while I’m doing it (if there are no Legos in the living room 😉 ).

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