Roger Ebert Is So Takei

When I read Roger Ebert’s review of that piece of vegan propaganda Forks Over Knives, I immediately began frothing at the mouth.  I also immediately began writing a long, angry diatribe – I was gonna show him just how wrong he is.  But, over the last couple of days my anger sort of melted away and I became more amused than anything.

Well, amused and disgusted.

Honestly, how can you take anyone seriously who spouts nonsense like this?

What every human being should do is eat a vegetarian diet based on whole foods. Period. That’s it.”

“Animal protein is bad for you.”

“Dairy is bad for you.”

“Forget the ads: Milk and eggs are bad for you.”

“What you’re trying to avoid is dietary cholesterol.”

“Animal protein is not necessary…”

“These facts have long been established…”

He says these things, all based on a film he saw??  Way to use your cholesterol deficient brain, Roger.*

Actually, I don’t completely disagree with him: high fructose corn syrup should be avoided like the plague; industrial farming practices, particularly the feeding of grain to animals not adapted to eating grain, are abhorrent; and government subsidies for commodity foods such as corn, soy and wheat need to stop.

Period. That’s it.

But let’s forget this silliness and talk about something that is truly important.  Tennessee lawmakers have introduced a bill that would prohibit teachers of elementary and middle school children from providing “any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.”  Not prohibit teaching about sex all together, just about homosexuality.  I find this extremely disturbing.

And apparently so does George Takei.

All I can say is I completely agree with this YouTube comment:  “Where does he keep his internal organs? Surely, there can’t be enough room for them, being so chock full of win.”

And yes, I purchased both a coffee mug AND a mouse pad.

Because Tennessee legislators?  You’re even more Takei than Roger Ebert.

*Cholesterol is vital for the development and function of the nervous system and brain; even though the brain only makes up 2% of the body’s weight, it contains 25% of its cholesterol.

22 thoughts on “Roger Ebert Is So Takei”

    1. Sure, take the Roger Ebert diet – stop eating because you don’t have a face. A bunch of slackjawed Takais in that post! Animal will make you a goddamned Sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me!

    1. This literally made me LOL; it was pretty much MY reaction when I finished watching it the first time.

        1. I just sent him a Tweet asking what the possibilities of a ringtone are – he’s got a marvelous sense of humor, so you never know.

    1. *sigh* As an avid film fan, 30 years ago I thought he walked on water. More recently, though…you know he gave Godfather III a better review than Godfather II?

      Cholesterol deficient, I’m tellin’ ya.

      1. “Hey, I’m not going all holier-than-thou on you. Think how fat I was for years. I knew the solution, I was weak and lazy.”

        It’s the classic refrain. Hey, Rog, baby, you were just eating the wrong foods and your metabolism was screwed five ways to Friday. There’s no willpower necessary to eat Real Food you silly git.

  1. Ahhh, Roger Ebert is an asshat. But we knew that, right?

    You’d be happy with something LGs doctor said the other day at his weight check. “Everyone is different. Humans aren’t Legos out of a box. Each person needs to figure out the diet that works the best for their body. Maybe more meat, maybe less dairy, maybe no grains, maybe more veg. It’s like a puzzle to figure out. Anyone who spouts that they know what’s best for your body is lying. Suzanne Sommers diet will only work for people who’s body chemistry and type are similar to Suzanne. Simple as that. I should write THAT book, but nobody would buy it.”

    1. Hmmm – depending on who did the eating, he might not object to that at all.

      Did I say that in my “out loud” voice?

  2. I am giggling at that last comment, Jan.

    Love that video – I think the mug may make it into my household too.

    Hope you are doing well! xoxoxo

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