What’s Shakin’, Bacon?

Happy Friday, everyone!  We’re enjoying our extended weekend quite a bit; yesterday we planted four flats of pink and purple impatiens in our front garden, and this afternoon we’re picking up The G Man from his sitter and taking him shopping, before bringing him home to spend the night with Meema and Papa.  Tomorrow he’s going to visit our egg farmer and attend he farmer’s market with us.

Because it’s never too soon to begin The Indoctrination. 😛  Other than that, our weekend plans are to lay around a lot,which we really need.

Oh – and to make bacon.

We’ve taken two of the hog jowls in our freezer out to thaw, and I’ve got my copy of Charcuterie, by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn, at the ready.  Beloved is going to smoke one for jowl bacon, and I’m going to cure the other guanciale, a cured, not smoked, Italian bacon.

I’m going to document both processes and post them here, if anyone is interested.  Are you?

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, y’all.  I’ll see you next Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “What’s Shakin’, Bacon?”

  1. Mmmmm bacon! Do you know I didn’t like or eat bacon until recently? And now I love it. I hope you have a great, relaxing, fun weekend. I’m SO tired and came home with a little bit of a cold … I hope I get some downtime soon! : )
    P.S. Take photos of The G Man eating bacon! : )

  2. Very interested! There’s a great charcuterie stand at the local farmer’s market here – last weekend I was looking around and noticed guanciale.

  3. If you don’t mind me asking, what farmer’s market do you go to? I also live in Northeast Ohio (East of Cleveland), and I am struggling to find local farmers markets (specifically selling grass-fed meat). Thank you…and have a great holiday!

    1. Heather, we go to the one in Peninsula, out in Howe Meadow. They have at least one grass-fed beef vendor there, one bison vendor and a couple that sell pastured pork, chickens and eggs. Or, if you want to drive down to Creston, Whitefeather Meats sells grass-fed, as well as grain-finished, beef, pastured and conventionally raised pork and they farm – and sell – their own bison. They also sell Hartzler’s milk, and if you tell them I sent you, you might find some pastured eggs, as well. 😉

    2. I highly recommend Whitefeather Meats – there isn’t a better, funner or more honest butcher in the world. Creston, OH – you can’t miss em – on the east side of Route 3.

  4. Homemade guanciale, my dear? Am I interested? That is an understatement! Please do let me know the results of your grand experiment…one I may wish to replicate!

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