Smothered Steak

smothered_steakIn the interest of time, both blogging and in the kitchen, I have a wonderfully tasty, simple and inexpensive recipe for you.

Tenderized cube steaks were on sale last week, and since Beloved loves chicken fried steak and it’s hard to come by up here, I picked up a couple of packages.  Alas, work got in the way, and I found myself with several thawed steaks the other night, but no real time to batter and fry them, much less make cream gravy and mashed potatoes.

Then it dawned on me that a couple of nights prior, I’d accidentally opened a can of cream of mushroom soup (I thought I’d grabbed a can of tomato soup out of the pantry) I’d then dumped into Tupperware and put in the fridge.  So I threw this together and served it with plain white rice and some frozen broccoli.  These would be equally good with mashed potatoes – any kind of potatoes, really – or buttered noodles.

Necessity and one can of accidentally opened cream of mushroom soup is, indeed, the mother of invention.

Smothered Steak

serves 4

4 – 4 oz. tenderized cube steaks

1 can cream of mushroom soup

2% milk

Vegetable oil



Garlic powder

Heat a large skillet, and pour in a tablespoon or two of the vegetable oil.  Rub the steaks on each side with a little salt, pepper and garlic powder and fry them briefly, turning once, until brown on each side.  Remove to a plate and set aside.

Empty the can of cream of mushroom soup into the pan and stir in enough milk until it’s the consistency of gravy, scraping up the brown bits from the bottom of the skillet.  Place the steak back in with the soup/milk mixture along with the juices that accumulated on the plate.

Cover and cook for 15 – 20 minutes, stirring occassionally.  Remove the lid for the last 5 minutes or so, to allow to thicken if the mixture looks too thin.

Serve immediately.

9 thoughts on “Smothered Steak”

  1. My grandmother used to make this. She coated the steaks in flour first, and called it “Chicken Fried Steak.” Yum. Haven’t thought about this in years. Thanks for posting it.

    My mother’s version of chicken fried steak was a cube steak floured and fried (no batter) with cream gravy from a package. She didn’t get too inventive in the kitchen when I was growing up. But this was still pretty darn good.

    Gingers last blog post..For Wordless Wednesday – LOVE

  2. Isn’t it fun when you come up with these last minute idea’s and end up with a great meal? I too, shop according to the specials and sales and then plan my meals around those items…sure makes life exciting and I am always up for a challange in the kitchen.

    I NEVER grocery shop without knowing what’s on sale and having a good idea of what I’m going to be making for dinner every night. It keeps things interesting, indeed!

    Loris last blog post..Lookin for Love

  3. This sounds good. Love the convenience, and hubs would love anything with his beloved white rice.

    Your hubs and I would get along – I prefer rice and rice noodles to just about any other starch. I can live without pasta and probably potatoes, too, but I love me some rice.

    Pseudos last blog post..The Spin Cycle this week is LOVE.

  4. And yet another one for my client who needs to eat…she will love this one. Buys mushroom soup by the case and is always lookin for things to put it on. Last night it went on chicken, potatoes and onions…with a sprinkling of chives. I think she’s having fun exploring the world of casseroles.

    I’m beginning to feel like the personal chef for your client who needs to eat! LOL It’s kinda cool…

    thistles last blog post..The Story of a Boy and a Girl…A Story Spun from Love

  5. Ok – is this because I live in Calif? I’ve never had a cubed steak and don’t know what it is??

    Cube steak is just a cheap cut of beef, sliced fairly thinly and cut into a sorta square shape. It’s then beaten within an inch of it’s existence to “tenderize” it. That’s actually pretty effective, because you can usually cut them with a fork once they’ve been cooked (if you don’t over cook them). They are my personal preference for chicken fried steak.

  6. Mistress Jan, master of the “hurl it in the pan and pray” meals, finds many of her best creations this way. All y’all would be amazed at the meals she can prepare from what mere mortals as I consider to be bare cupboards!

    This was yummy!

    Oh, you’re just easy to please! 😉

  7. Hey Jan,
    I just read your “about me” page. (I know, I know I’m a horrible blog friend for waiting this long to read it, or maybe I’m just southern for thinkin’ that!) ANYWAYS I just wanted to tell ya two things.
    1. Your description of your husband (generous to a fault) is EXACTLY how my husband describes himself (and he is) and my husband is also a workaholic (and handsome). It’s almost creepy how much we have in common.
    2. My grandmother’s chicken fried steak was floured, no batter, too, but she made her own gravy with the left over oil from frying the steak and flour and water.

    Oh, and one more thing….your descriptions of your 3 kids sound JUST like mine…except all of mine were boys. But, the oldest is responsible and never asks for anything, the middle one is doing everything he can to coast through life (without working or being responsible) ans my youngest is charming and perfect!

    Gingers last blog post..random thoughts tuesdays

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