The Spoils of the Holidays

And by “holidays” I mean my birthday (December 22), Christmas, and our anniversary (January 2).

It’s okay – after 49 years, I’m used to it.

But anyhoo, here’s what I got:

Starting at the bottom left and going clockwise:  Michael Symon’s Live to Cook and the Joy of Cooking for my birthday; spice grinder and meat grinder for Christmas; the Essential Pepin and Hunt, Gather, Cook cookbook for our anniversary.

You know you’re jealous.

The spice and meat grinders work really well – I’m thrilled with both.  I’ve already written about Joy, and Michael Symon’s book is interesting, as well (the Braised Pork Belly I posted Monday was based on a recipe in Live to Cook and a couple of others I found online).  I haven’t had much chance to peruse Hunt, Gather, Cook yet, although I’m willing to bet it’s going to be fascinating; it was written by Hank Shaw, author of the blog Hunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook.  As you might guess, Hank hunts, fishes, grows and forages as much of his food as he can and his blog is as interesting and informative as it is aesthetically pleasing.  Oh, and he was a James Beard Award nominee for Best Food Blog in both 2009 and 2010.

I’m sort of leaving Hank’s book for last, if for no other reason than Beloved has taken an interest in it (in fact, he found the blog and ordered me the book) and am working my way through the Essential Pepin.  I don’t know how I’d overlooked Jacques Pepin for so long – I mean, I knew who he was, naturally, but I’d never really paid much attention to him, which is really a shame.  His recipes are beautiful without being overly complicated, and I am slowly working my way through it front to back, marking many I want to try. Yes, even with my wonky diet, I can cook from “mainstream” cookbooks.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my haul.  What did Santa bring you this year?

12 thoughts on “The Spoils of the Holidays”

  1. that hunt gather cook book is something that intrigued me a while ago. canada geese are all over and quite honestly are a nuisance. his blog and another have inspired me to try goose breast. they are in season right now and i hope to get one before they are driven south by the weather. i want to make goose/bacon burgers cooked over a wood fire. i will post on my blog if i am successful.

    1. Oh man – get me one too! They are $80 at Dumas but are all over the place here. I want to smoke one! Let us know how it comes out.

  2. I love Jaque. His book with Julia is lovely to read (I think it’s called “Cooking at Home”?)

    I got a Victorio food mill for Christmas. Woo hoo! Talk about easy, peasy sauce for measy!

  3. I use a lot of mainstream cookbooks even with my wonky diet also. There is always something to adapt. I got a new smaller food processor. For those times when you just need a little bit shredded up and don’t want to scrape your knuckles. Or am I the only dork that does that?

  4. What a HEEL your husband must be! Buying you kitchen stuff for your Birthday and Holidays? Male chauvinist pig!

    1. That’s ok. My husband bought me TWO vacuum cleaners, a big one he’ll vacuum with and a little one I can use for spot jobs. I’m THRILLED with them!
      I bought him three books (including Wheat Belly and a BBQ book) and a beautiful stainless steel shallow roasting pan for roasting veggies, or roasting bones for broth. All to my benefit 🙂

  5. I love cookbooks – love, love, love!
    Santa …? Well, Santa ignored me because I needed a car. (But I’m glad I have one because …. cars are very important here in the land of no-mass-transportation.)
    I might have to buy myself a cookbook and pretend it was under the tree …..

  6. That’s funny, I just saw the Hunt, Gather, Cook book AND the Pepin book on the Today Show the other day, and totally thought of you! So glad you received them, as you should have.

  7. Did I miss telling you Happy Birthday? I cannot live with the shame! Happy Birthday, oh ye one of my favorite people on the Internet!

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