Spring Is Here!

I’m swamped with work today (not necessarily a bad thing), so this is sort of a “quickie” post, but I thought I’d share a little of our absolutely gorgeous Saturday with you.

It was a day for:

Pink Tulips

Pink tulips…

Raised Beds

…raised beds…


…running barefoot in the grass…

Strawberry Chocolate Coffee Cake

…and strawberry-chocolate coffee cake.

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a clear Spring day in northeast Ohio.

Has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods yet?

10 thoughts on “Spring Is Here!”

  1. Spring hit here as well over the weekend. Blueberry bushes pruned and mulch all “stirred up”. Raspberries are all pruned and I took half of the protective layer of straw off the strawberries. I need longer weekends!

    That strawberry-chocolate coffee cake looks yummy! Will you be posting the recipe (or did you already and I missed it?)

  2. Spring looks amazing in your neck of the woods! I’m jealous of your raised garden beds – I need to do that, though since we’re planning to move this summer it will have to wait until our next house. 😉

    OMG G-Man is getting so big – and more adorable by the day!! 🙂

    I second the motion for you to post that yummy-looking strawberry-chocolate coffee cake! 🙂

  3. I miss tulips. We don’t get them here unless they are forced. Saturday was crummy but today is beautiful. Just figures that it is nice on the weekday and not the weekend. The boy is getting huge! How is he feeling?

    1. He’s doing okay – bringing forth chaos and cuteness (and not necessarily in that order) in preschool.

  4. Nice. Our Saturday was awesome, also, but the only similarity was the little blond. We spend a day frolicking with cousins. When did G-man get so big?? (ps- I’m not really back, you don’t see me…)

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