Spring Has Sprung. Sort Of.

Ah, Spring – you capricious flirt.  You give us warm, beautiful days, allowing us to hope that this horrible winter will really end, then turn around and do this:

March in Ohio

Yes, that is just so WRONG.

Despite only blogging once last week (and losing readers because lentils are apparently of the devil), I’m really ready to start blogging on a regular basis once more.  I also think the whole thing is about to morph again, as our focus is once again shifting.

No, other than incorporating properly prepared legumes and grains back into our diet (with the occasional sugary-but-homemade treat), our diet isn’t really changing – the main focus is, and always will be, grass-fed/pastured meats and eggs, full fat grass-fed dairy, organic, local fruits and vegetables and healthful fats.  But we’re well-accustomed to eating this way now, and are becoming interested in other things.

Being empty nesters (and, unfortunately, dogless) has recently given us some very unaccustomed spare time.  For me, this means trying my hand at things like homemade yogurt and sourdough starters as well as taking up old hobbies from my youth, such as crochet and cross stitch.  Recently, I’ve completed two afghans and am almost finished with a white cotton spread for our bed.  I’ve started a cross stitch sampler with a Senility Prayer (“Grant me the senility to forget people I don’t like, the good fortune to run into those I do like, and the eyesight to tell the difference”) and find myself eying patterns with skulls and crossbones that say “Don’t Make Me Poison Your Food” for the kitchen.

Hey, I never claimed I was a normal old lady.

Beloved has once again turned his attention to seed trays and grow lights – we have a veritable mini-farm in the living room (and that’s just mostly herbs and a couple of tomato plants, with a couple of other things thrown in to mix it up) – as well as the garden out back.  He ripped out half the trees in our once shady back yard, and there are four additional raised beds, quite a bit larger than the others, to complement the two original in-ground and five raised beds he added last year.  One of the now treeless areas is now sporting three of these:

Take A Wild Guess

I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you what this is (I believe there will be a detailed post on the planning, construction and use in the very near future), so I’ll let you speculate about it in the comments section.

I will, again, be canning and freezing much of the fruits of our labor, as well as those from the CSA, and will probably talk quite a bit more about that this summer.  Other tentative plans include re-purposing an older model refrigerator into a curing cabinet for homemade charcuterie and freaking out the neighbors with a bat house and a beehive.

So, basically, we’ve become suburban homesteaders.

It’ll keep us off the streets.

7 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung. Sort Of.”

  1. “It’ll keep us off the streets.” BAHAHAHA! You really do know how to keep yourself ultra busy as fresh empty-nesters, don’t you? I think I’ll take a page from your book when that day comes… 😉 Looking forward to reading all about your suburban homesteading. 🙂

  2. I’ve been gone for a while and missed a few things. Why the bats?
    Now I’m off to go see what you did with the lentils! 😉

    1. Well, because I’m weird I think spiders and bats are way cool, but mostly because I couldn’t step outside last summer without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I’ve also read that many common garden pests will avoid areas where bats live. We’ve spent the last 3 summers getting rid of all the chemicals in our lawn, and bats seem like a good way to control the pests naturally.

      Freaking out the neighbors is just a great side benefit. 😉

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