Live Real. Eat Real.

Stand By Your Heavily-Battered, Sugar-Dusted, Deep-Fried Spam If You Want To

This week’s Spin Cycle is all about taking a stand.

It’s been almost two years since I decided to take a stand about my diet, and unless some sort of empiric scientific evidence comes along proving to me that Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese and Twinkies are more healthful options than pastured eggs and grass-fed beef liver, I don’t see that stand changing any time soon.  In these two years, I’ve managed to convince a few of my long-time readers that I may be on to something, and I’ve gained many, many more who understand and agree with what I write here.  My readers are pretty intelligent, astute people who care about their health, and that of their families.

So let’s see a show of hands – raise yours if you think Paula Deen’s recipes are even remotely healthful.

Anyone?  No?

I have to admit I’m a bit amused by everyone jumping all over poor old Paula when she announced that she had no plans to change the way she cooks, despite a diagnosis of Type II diabetes (we won’t even go into the uproar she caused by becoming a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical company that manufactures her diabetes medication).  First of all, does anyone really think it’s just a coincidence that her thinner younger son was given his own show on which he makes “healthier” (read: low fat) versions of his Momma’s dishes, mere weeks before she went public with her diagnosis?

Anyone?  No?

Ms. Deen is famous for a reason – she’s got personality out the wazoo and she cooks food that people like to eat because it tastes really, really good.  Hell, even I’ll admit that and you couldn’t get me to touch a Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding with a 10-foot pole even before I changed our diet.  Let’s face it – recipes for “oven-fried” boneless, skinless chicken breasts abound, both in cookbooks and on the internet, but there aren’t many people who will give you the recipe for a Gooey Butter Cake.

Paula Deen is a brand, and I don’t blame her for feeling she needs to protect that brand (and there’s the fact that if she took control of her diabetes with diet and exercise she’d probably lose her reportedly multi-million dollar partnership with Norvo Nordisk).  She knows which side her honkin’ big piece of white bread is liberally buttered on.  Paula Deen is about deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese and Mississippi Mud Cake, not flavorless crap constructed with a couple of lettuce leaves, fat free Velveeta and a dribble of salsa that’s supposed to pass for a Cheese Burrito (that’s for idiots like Lisa Lillien – whom, you might have guessed, I cannot STAND; I don’t think that woman cooks with anything that could be remotely construed as real food.  At least Paula Deen isn’t afraid of butter and red meat).  And if she can make money telling a desperate public what it so badly wants to hear – that you can keep eating processed flour and refined sugar deep-fried in industrial seed oils; all you have to do is take this pill or give yourself this little bitty injection – well, more power to her.

People let themselves be fooled.

As for Anthony Bourdain and his proclamation that Ms. Deen is the “most dangerous woman in America”…Mr. Bourdain, I admire your Libertarian sensibilities, am amused by your opinion of vegetarianism, and am in awe of your willingness to try any food at least once, but I REALLY think you need to drop the cigarettes and bottle of scotch before you go bitch-slapping poor old Paula.  People living in glass houses, and all that.

At least, that’s my opinion.  And I’m standing by it.

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