Bora Bora Martini

Bora Bora MartiniDon’t look at me – I didn’t name the damn thing.

We frequently amuse the hell out of the waitstaff at restaurants.  When we’re not amusing them, I’m sure we give them cause to wonder if they should be calling for the men in the little white coats.

When we were eating dinner at the House of Blues Friday night, the waiter brought our seriously watered down cocktails in some freakish looking novelty glasses, and said:

“Here – these should keep the undesirables away!”

To which Beloved replied:

“But you’ll be back – right?”

The man is deadly with a one-liner.  (Well, of course he is – my two unconditional requirements for men are that they walk upright and have opposable thumbs have a wicked sense of humor and a brain.)

Anyhoo, while at the Flying Fig Saturday night, we were perusing the cocktail menu as we are wont to do, and I picked out this one.  I don’t remember the name of the cocktail Beloved got, but let’s just say that after one sip of each, we were frantically searching for a scrap of paper and a pen so we could write down the ingredients for each, while the waitstaff looked at us as if we’d lost our minds (it didn’t hurt that I hounded our waiter – poor, humorless soul that he was – for the recipe for the Lemon Ricotta Fritters we had for dessert).  Sunday evening we discovered they weren’t so hard to recreate.

Bora Bora Martini

serves me

2 shots of vanilla vodka

1/2 shot Dissaronno or other amaretto

1/2 shot pineapple juice

splash of cranberry juice

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with a couple of cubes of ice.  Shake vigorously; strain into chilled martini glass and serve.

Creamsicle Martini

Creamsicle MartiniYesterday, our alarm went off at 4:15 a.m.  We got up, got dressed, packed a lunch, made breakfast, saw that the proper bags were packed with the proper items and drove The Young One to school so he could take a 3-day field trip with the 8th grade to Washington D.C.

We then went into the office – at 5:15 a.m.  By noon, we were both like, “Okay, I’ve had enough of this…let’s go home.”   But first I made Beloved take me out to lunch and then to the grocery store where I picked out a couple of nice steaks for dinner.  Then we went home and watched Milk on DVD (not bad – Sean Penn was certainly very good) and took a nap.

Around 6 or so in the evening, it dawned on us “By golly – we have the entire house to ourselves!!”  So as Beloved played solitaire on his laptop and I fed the fish and petted the dog we cavorted wantonly about the house, I asked Beloved to make me a “fun drink.”  This is what he came up with, and I must say – it was darn tasty.

Creamsicle Martini

serves 2, or me

1 shot of orange/pineapple/banana juice

1/2 shot Cointreau

1 shot vodka

2 shots vanilla vodka

Rim a martini glass with sugar.  Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake well and strain into glass.

Go “Yuuuummmmm, yuuuuuummmm” while you drink it.

A Cure for the Common Crud: Hot Toddy Recipe

Hot ToddyI’m still not feeling real well – I keep feeling like I’m on the verge of something really nasty, but it’s not developing into anything (yet) – and Beloved had to drive to see a client over in Pennsylvania today, so I’m staying home to work (not working isn’t an option, no).  However, Beloved has come up with a warm libation that, if it doesn’t make me feel better, makes me not care that I don’t feel well.

But first, Anne over at 20th Century Woman asked on yesterday’s post if I ever made it to the volcano.  No, I’m sorry to say I didn’t – but it gives me something to look forward to the next time I’m on the Big Island.  Our other big adventure on that particular island was deep sea fishing, which was something of a bust, although Beloved has a great story about catching a marlin on a previous trip with his first wife – I’ll have to have him guest post it sometime.  Although I do have another story from that same trip (this one taking place on Kauai) that I’ll post tomorrow, the rest of our trip on the Big Island,other than the deep sea fishing, was spent either lounging on the beach at the Mauna Kea, laughing at the people silly enough to stay at one of the “big” resorts (the Hilton, in particular – good gawd, that place was huge and ostentatious), snorkeling, gorging ourselves at Roy Yamaguchi‘s restaurant or just sightseeing.

Anyhoo, as I said in an earlier post, I’ve cut down a great deal on my alcohol and caffeine consumption, but I was feeling so cruddy last night that Beloved invented the perfect Hot Toddy on the spot…after some brief research on the internet.  There doesn’t seem to be one accepted recipe – you can pretty much use whatever strikes your fancy – but according to Wikipedia, hot toddies are believed to have originated in the 18th century to make the taste of scotch more palatable for women.  Never a problem for me – I loves me some good, single malt scotch – but this is a good way to make an inferior or blended scotch go down a little easier, and it’s darn tasty on a cold night when you’re feeling like, well, crud.

I imagine if you just cant stand scotch under any circumstance (you poor, poor thing), you could use vodka instead.  You can, of course, decrease the amount of alcohol but I can’t imagine why you’d want to.  *hic*

Hot Toddy

serves 1

1 cup hot tea with lemon (Lemon Zinger by Celestial Seasonings is good)

1 teaspoon honey (optional)

1/3 shot Disaronno or other amaretto

2/3 shot Cointreau or other orange liqueur

1 shot scotch

Stir it all together in a large mug and sip while you’re curled up on the sofa with a hand-made afghan and the dog, and your Beloved builds a fire in the fireplace.