Hail to the Anti-Spam Plugins!

I am a reasonably technically savvy person. I also have a tendency to procrastinate.

So, I put up with three days of being bombarded with automated spam comments to an early blog posting before I installed an anti-spam plugin. Marking 63 “waiting to be moderated” comments as spam and deleting them when you return to your desk after lunch will do that to you.

As for the procrastination, it’s not so much that I was confused about how to install the plugin (as far as “extras” go, WordPress has Joomla – to say nothing of osCommerce – beat to hell and back for ease of installation and use), it was sorting through what I knew would likely be dozens of different options before I found The One. Fortunately, it was third – fourth? No, I think third – on the list. Rated 5 stars out of 6? Over 10,000 downloads? I’m all OVER that. It even tells you how many automated comments it’s blocked, which is really great if you’re the type that likes to gloat. Ahem.

Here’s to a spam-free blog! For, as Oldest Son says, “Spam is only good when it’s been smothered by macaroni and cheese.”