A New Look and New Links

I’ve been slowly getting around to this since Memorial Day weekend, and it’s finally done – my new Summer Theme.

Beloved is going to HATE it. The sidebar is way too busy for his tastes – I just got carried away with the daisy thing. I like it, though; besides, in a couple of months it’ll be replaced by whatever “Back to School” theme I manage to throw together in a fit of boredom (or celebration, depending on badly I want The Young One back in school).

I also expanded and updated my blogrolls, something that has been long overdue. And because I know you’re all just dying to hear all about these momentous changes, I’ll oblige.

I separated my blogroll into three separate lists: Midlife Schtuff, Not My Schtuff, and Random Schtuff. Midlife Schtuff is comprised of blogs who are all part of the Midlife Bloggers network set up by the wonderful owner of ByJane. Not everyone who is on her blogroll is on mine, but I’m working on it. Not My Schtuff are other blogs I read on a regular, if not daily, basis, and the Random Schtuff aren’t blogs, just links to useful or interesting sites that I frequent.

Midlife Schtuff has the most changes, since there were only three midlife bloggers listed in my old blogroll – ByJane, Merlot Mom and Nanny Goats in Panties, all of which are on my daily rounds. New to this list are:

A Different Nest – the blog of a “midlife mother of an 8 year-old son with autism and his 14 year-old brother.” I have sent the URL of this blog to my friend and guest-blogger, Trina, who’s Autistic 16-year-old son caused all the chaos with the cable bill, if you recall.

After the Dust Settles – I like Lynn’s blog. She is a nice, normal (and talented) wife and mother, with a nice, normal life. And her piggy banks are just too cute. And she’s a fellow fan of diet grape Faygo.

The owner of Between Us Girls “provide(s) information and inspiration to women who long to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.” Yes, she does.

It’s a Mad, Madge World – Madge is funny. Madge needs to post more often. Madge must have a life.

Librarian Lee‘s blog always seems so serene and tranquil…even when she’s writing about her car blowing up.

Karen at Midlife’s A Trip introduced an entirely new (for me) profession – Professional Life Coach. I never knew such a thing existed. She must be darn good at it too, because she has her own line of clothing and accessories.

Ms. Meta is a soul sister who also seems to have a thing for shopping and shoes. She is presently living in London. I am overcome with envy. I’d hate her if I didn’t like her blog so much.

Twenty Four At Heart – anyone who can openly admit she put her child on the wrong train (quite accidentally, but still) and post about this has me as a reader for life.

Three of the bloggers on the Not My Schtuff blogroll sort of get lumped together. They are the owners of the Big Mama, BooMama and Rocks in My Dryer sites, what I refer to as the “Hysterical Southern Mommy Bloggers.” There is a humor that is unique to southern women – something I miss a great deal – and these three women are just brimming with it. Make sure to check out Rocks in My Dryer‘s Works for Me Wednesday and Big Mama‘s Fashion Friday. Also, BooMama‘s post about her recent trip to Africa is a must-read. Be prepared to laugh until you’re ready to wet yourself. These women are just great – I may not agree with their views on religion and politics (but then again, I probably don’t agree with your views on religion and politics) but I love their blogs.

Other noteworthy additions to Not My Schtuff :

Shout – I’m not sure how she found me, but the owner of this blog left a comment on my blog, proving herself to be a woman of superior taste and intellect. I immediately bookmarked her site.

I think I found Sue Doe-Nim‘s blog via another blog, but I don’t remember whose. All I can say is this woman has cajones the size of mason jars. I am in awe of her ability to go for the jugular. Another immediate bookmark.

The owner of Thursday Drive is, judging by her picture, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She is also apparently a darn fine poker player to boot. Chalk up another “I’d hate her if I didn’t like her blog so much.”

Vintage Thirty – her header banner says it all.

What Works for Us – this woman is a serious photographer. I mean, really. And she gives really good Haiku.

Okay, I’m done. I’ve spent just about enough time on this today. I really ought to get some work done.