Emotion in Motion

This week’s You Capture subject is “Emotion…in Black and White.”

Damn.  That kept me from taking a picture of the BRIGHT orange egg yolks in my over easy eggs, which just thrilled me (it means spring is just about here and the pastured hens who lay our eggs are cranking up production again).  So, I decided to do a little experiment:  I called The Young One downstairs, told him to stand next to Beloved, and said, “Okay, y’all – be emotional!”

You may think this last one isn’t emotional, but it is; they are watching footage of the tsunami that hit Japan.  Very sobering.

You Capture: Circles

Beth, a marvelously talented amateur photographer over at I Should Be Folding Laundry, hosts a weekly photography meme called You Capture.   Basically, she gives you a subject and you take a picture that interprets that subject.

It’s sorta like the Spin Cycle (which I miss dreadfully), only with pictures.  And like I enjoyed a weekly assignment to sharpen my somewhat fuzzy writing skills, I do believe I’m going to enjoy a weekly assignment to hone my slightly out-of-focus photography skills.

At any rate, this week’s subject is Circles.  And me, being me, guess what I took a picture of…

My Idea of Some Circles 🙂

Not the best photo I’ve ever taken, by any stretch of the imagination.  I like it, though.  It’s…interesting.

Hey, I ironed a napkin for this shot, y’all.