Live Real. Eat Real.

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Liar, LiarJane over at Gaston Studios has tagged me for an interesting little meme.  I’m supposed to post two truths and a lie, invite fellow bloggers to select which is the lie and why, and then spill the beans in a later post.

Oh, this is going to be…interesting.

1.  I once attacked my husband with a steak knife.

2.  I was once a line cook at an upscale French bistro.

3.  I have gone bungee jumping.

Okay folks start guessing – I can’t wait to see ’em.  This is going to be fun.

And while you’re at it, stop on by Jane’s blog – this woman has led a seriously interesting life.  Between Jane and Anne at 20th Century Woman, I have even more reason to live another 20, 30, hopefully even 40 or more years.  They are both simply amazing, and I admire them  a helluva lot.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all.

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