That’s What It’s All About

Put your right foot in, take your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about…

I was so excited and relieved yesterday to post my final entry for the Paleo Iron Chef competition that I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Farmageddon giveaway.

And the winner is Janet!  Here’s her comment:

“Here is what I will do with that movie if you pass it to me. I live in a dairy-heavy agricultural area–bereft of any who will sell it raw. We have a festival every year ’cause this town is the “Milk Center of the World”. (Hyperbole much?) I also work in a library. I will use our meeting room with projector and screen and hold a public screening of this movie. I handle publicity for this library so I know where to send info to get people to see it. After that, I will donate the DVD to the library for public circulation. We do have a farmer’s market on it’s second year here. I can put fliers for the movie there too or even have a card-table.

“Looks like a plan to me.”

Janet, it looks like one to me, too.  I’ll send you an email shortly to get your address so I can send the movie your way.

And speaking of comments, I got the nicest one yesterday on my Baked Haddock with Uglimole recipe.  Nicole said:

“I’ve been wandering through Foodgawker lately and I keep ending up here! ;) You have scrumptious looking pictures and such healthy, do-able recipes. I’ve Sprung about a dozen of them so far and can’t wait to actually put one on a plate. Thanks for sharing such wonderful food and cooking ideas!”

Yes!  That is the goal of what this blog has become – healthy, do-able recipes.   It is incredibly gratifying to have that acknowledged, both from long-time readers who have been around for the change, and new readers who have found my humble little corner of the internet through the various channels to which I submit recipes.

I’m not the most controversial blogger in the world; politics make me crazy and economics put me to sleep.  I don’t often call people out on their stupidity, unless they bring it to me directly, and I certainly don’t find calling people names because I disagree with them fun (or mature).  I’m certainly not a scientist or an expert of any kind.  I’m not even a chef, despite Beloved’s insistence on labeling me as such.  I’m just a cook – a good one, to be sure and why not admit it?  I’ve been doing it nearly 40 years, and I’ve got the burn scars on my hands and arms to prove it.  I’ve learned a lot of things in that time – some the hard way, like “never fry bacon in your underwear” (go ahead and feel free to poke a little fun at how that’s phrased), and some through painstaking research.  And if I don’t like the conclusions I come to because of that research, I don’t go around twisting the facts to suit me, or dismissing the source out of hand.  I spend a lot of time moaning over the amount of misinformation disseminated by the media, but I don’t want to make it my mission to point each and every instance out.

I guess my point to all of this is that I could not be more pleased to have someone describe the recipes here as “healthy and do-able.”  Because at the Sushi Bar, that’s what it’s all about.

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  1. Healthy, do-able and absolutely delicious. Who knew ‘healthy’ could taste so good? 😉

    And frying bacon in your underwear? You, my friend, are a Rock Star! Or crazy…or maybe a little bit of both, which is why I love you so much. 😉

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