The Bookcases Are Coming! The Bookcases Are Coming!

One if by land.  Two if by sea.  We’re getting four.

They must coming via hot air balloon.

Okay, lame attempt at humor aside, Saturday we were planning out the rest of our extended weekend which was supposed to include lots of gardening, when we got a call asking if someone would be home this Friday to receive delivery of our new bookcases.   Beloved will be out of town, so I’ll have to be at home when they come.

I’m just devastated.

At any rate, that meant our gardening plans had to be postponed (again, I’m just devastated) so we could take the old bookcases down to the basement to make room for the new ones, which are considerably larger and taller than our old, cheap ones.  Which means we had to do something with all of the books on the old bookshelves.  If you’re going, “So?” you simply don’t understand how many books we have.

Allow me to illustrate.  Oh, and I apologize for the poor picture quality; I cannot find the charger for my camera, so these were taken with my phone.


This is just the non-fiction, folks, stacked along one side of our dining room.  By genre, no less – reference books, books on economics, books on economic theory, books on American history, constitutional history, world history, medieval history.  We have your general science, anatomy, physics, quantum physics, anthropology, paleoanthropology; there is politics, philosophy and a section devoted to fun pastimes – card games, word games and having babies.  (How the hell did that get there?!?)  There is sociology, biology, and geology.  Down at the end of the rows is an anachronistic stack of the classic hardbacks we picked up the last time we were at Half Price Books up in Cleveland.

Fiction 1

This is a little less than half of the fiction.  For some reason Beloved stacked my collection of autobiographies in this section (?) and in the foreground is my small collection of graphic novels, mostly Batman and Wolverine, since they’re my favorite comic book characters (we won’t go into my disappointment about the new Wolverine movie being universally panned right now).

Fiction 2

This is more of the fiction – a lot of this is Robert B. Parker, Stephen King and Anya Seton.  Yes, I’m fully aware of how weird I am.

Fiction 3

This is what is remaining of the fiction, hurled placed on an old shelf in the guest room upstairs by The Young One.  It’s mostly mindless paperbacks – fantasy, science fiction, the few romances I own and duplicates of books collected by both Beloved and myself.  On the left is a pile of clothes waiting to go to Goodwill and on the left is Darling Daughter’s Barbie collection, along with a few Madam Alexander dolls I bought for Miss Jacki when she was much younger.  Yes, the walls are really that hideous shade of purple.  It was that color when we bought the house and I just haven’t gotten around to painting it yet because I don’t go in there very often.  It’s one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things.

Of course, once we got the shelves down in the basement, I saw how filthy the carpet, heating grates and walls were back there, so we spent a good amount of time cleaning.  Now Beloved is pestering me to paint at least that wall of the family room since it’s bare this afternoon, so I guess I’ll head on out to Home Depot and look at paint colors.  While I’m there, I’ll also look at paint for the dining room, since we’ve been wanting to paint below the chair rails ever since we got the new furniture in there.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.

Once we’ve got the bookshelves up and filled again next weekend – although how we’ll fit them all on the new shelves,  as big as they are, I don’t know – I’ll take more pictures and post them.

Hope you’re having a lovely holiday weekend, y’all.

15 thoughts on “The Bookcases Are Coming! The Bookcases Are Coming!”

  1. Quantum Physics? You have books on Quantum Physics?? I am impressed.
    We have the never-enough-bookcase-space dilemma as well. A good problem to have I think. But watch out at Home Depot; “If you give a mouse a cookie…”
    Nice to see those Barbie dolls, by the way!

    Maureen at IslandRoars last blog post..Men I Have Dated

  2. I love it!! Someone else who has as many books as I do! My books are like my children; I just can’t seem to ever give them up. I try but I just can’t. We have several bookshelves, and every time we move, Dr. Jekyll begs me to turn some of them in to the used bookstore and I look at him with that “touch my books and you DIE, sucka!!” look on my face. He knows better. LOL

    I can’t wait to see your new bookshelves. And I am so totally envious. 🙂

    Midlife Mamas last blog post..I left my heart in San Francisco

  3. We have lots of books too but I think you have us beat. Why is it that someone else’s project always sounds like much more fun than your own. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..SENSATIONAL SIX

  4. Congrats on the new bookshelves…can’t wait to see pictures.

    As for your books…I would totally be in Heaven at your house! The Boy and I are counting down the days to the local GIANT used book fair – I’m talking rooms and rooms and rooms full of books (kind of like your house – LOL). At any rate…from one book lover to another…enjoy!

    Nothing Fancys last blog post..Back In The Saddle Again

  5. It’s hard to throw out books, isn’t it? I have boxes full in my attic that are yet to be unpacked and probably by the time I do get them unpacked, I may be able to part with some of them, because time will have cured me of their one-time import. At least that’s my logic. Anyway, congrats on the book shelves, and too bad about that gardening.

    Fragrant Liars last blog post..This Is Your Brain On Drugs

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