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The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall, One and All

So.  I wasn’t going to post while in Vegas, but I’ve got too much stuff to talk about.  So here I am.

Saturday was endless – we were up at 4:00 a.m. EDT to catch our 6:40 flight.  (If it had occurred to me that Beloved, as a frequent flier, has all sorts of “premium” and “platinum” status and can bypass all sorts of lines in airports, we’d have slept until at least until 4:30.)  We flew from Cleveland to Minneapolis, then from Minneapolis to Las Vegas, arriving at 10:40 a.m.  Which means we’d been up for 9 hours.

We then rented a car and drove out to Darling Daughter’s Elks lodge, since we couldn’t check into our hotel for another 4 hours and met all of her friends there – as well as her beau, Mr. Fix It (he supposedly can fix anything).  After a few hours, we checked into our hotel, then took Darling Daughter and Mr. Fix It to dinner, then we went back to our room to pick up our tickets to see Jimmy Cliff, who was performing at our hotel.

We were about 45 minutes late for the concert at that point, and Beloved and I had been up and running for nearly 20 hours straight.  As we rode the elevator down, it stopped a couple of floors below us and a young Caucasian man in a Jimmy Cliff t-shirt and a camera slung around his neck got on, accompanied by a small, thin African-American man with a goatee and the shiniest gold shoes we’d ever seen.

Beloved cracks, “Oh, good – we’re late to the show, but so is Jimmy Cliff.”

We all chuckle.  We all know Jimmy’s already down there – these guys are photographers for the show or some such.

We go down to the concert – a very nice venue at the “beach” and wave pool at the Mandalay Bay – and catch the very last of the opening act.  They leave the stage, and preparations for the main show begin.  The band files out and a very elaborate introduction begins when Darling Daughter and Beloved look at each other and both say, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the guy in the elevator really was Jimmy Cliff?”

And out on stage bounced a small, thin African-American guy with a goatee and the shiniest gold shoes you ever saw.

I don’t think it would be inappropriate to say that we all began to squeal like a bunch of teeny-bopper fan girls at that point.  Well, except for poor Mr. Fix It, who probably wondered what the hell he’s gotten himself into with this family.


Don’t you wonder what he was thinking of YOU in the elevator?
ha ha! : )

Oh, definitely! LOL

Anne Gibert says:

This reminds me of the time I stood behind a beautiful white haired woman in her 60’s in an airport security line. We were having a conversation about cat boxes and cats that pee in toilets when I realized I was talking to Judy Collins.

LPC says:

I am SO jealous! I saw Mr. Cliff in 1979 in London. He rocked the house, as they say. I have been a fan FOREVER! And I took my father to see Bob Marley in San Diego, shortly before the esteemed Mr. Marley passed on. What a great story. Nuh, woman, nuh cry!

Mama Badger says:

Too cool. Now it would have been better if he had made a funny comment. You’d think Jimmy Cliff would have something to say.

In Boston once, my friend and I passed a man on the street and she said, “I think that was Stephen Tyler.”

I said, “No, it wasn’t! That couldn’t be Stephen Tyler!”

He stopped, turned around and said, “Why couldn’t it be me?”

I almost died.

Ha! That’s awesome!
I met Tom Cruise at Disney when he was doing some star thing and the words came out before I could stop them, “You’re taller than I thought you’d be.”
His immediate reply, “It’s the hair. You like it?”
Ever since, I’ve been a fan, regardless of couch jumping antics.

I only wish I knew who Jimmy Cliff was. *sigh* Hope you’re having fun in Vegas!

BE says:

Guess you didn’t realize that I really thought it was him at the time. I loved DD’s statemet though and will repeat it her for the audience: “Yeah, go ahead… you can touch us – yah!”

PippaD says:

Love that Beloved has outed your DD comment!

Erin says:

That’s cool! You should have taken a photo of the shiny shoes!
And MB – Steven Tyler and other Aerosmith folk used to live the next town over from us. We saw them often – hardware store, movies, mall. 🙂 Was pretty fun.

Michele says:

That is something that I would do except I would strike up a conversation and say something incredibly stupid about his shiny gold shoes.

Irish Gumbo says:

That is awesome! Jimmy Cliff, way cool.

I once nodded to Jerry Stiller, passing him on the street while visiting Nantucket. Didn’t see Ben or Ann Meara, though. That’s my brush with greatness 🙂

That is too cool and too funny for words! 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Vegas – and I’m looking forward to hearing more about Mr. Fix It. 😉

rubbish says:

He could have at least said something seeing as you were off to his concert. Have a great time.

Lori says:

LOL…how fun Jan! Since I haven’t been on the computer much and reading blogs I am so far behind on what is going on with you….glad you are getting this time away…I know you will enjoy every second of it and have lots of fun stories to tell! I do miss you! XX

Mrsbear says:

That is just a cool story. Totally makes up for 20 hours of awakeness, doesn’t it?

Pseudo says:

I loved this Jan. You and your family sound like so much fun. I think Mr Fixit is a lucky guy.

Raven says:

I think I’ve been living under a rock for far too long. I have no idea who Jimmy Cliff is. But, that’s cool you got to meet him, whoever he is. Have a great time!

Jane Gaston says:

It seems Beloved was the only one who recognized good ole Jimmy. Who did you say he is again?

Glad you’re all having fun in Vegas, without or without Mr. Fixit.

Jenni says:

haha, very cool!

BE says:

For those who don’t know, Jimmy Cliff is the “J.C.” of reggae.

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