Is There Anybody Out There…?

*tap tap tap*  Is this thing on?

Well, hello there.  It’s only been just over 2 1/2 years – whaddya want?

I kind of knew I was going to take a hiatus from blogging, I just never thought it would be so long.  And, if you managed to wander over here, you’ll notice some changes.

No ads, for one.  (I might bring them back, but for now, nah.)  A very simple template, for another.  (The old one was broken and causing the site problems.)  I’ll probably update it to something fancier sometime in the future, but right now I’ve got too much on my plate to worry about it.  My tagline has also reverted to the original “A Little of This, A Little of That” because while, yes, I will still post recipes, and many of them will be paleo (many will also be “vintage” but I’ll talk about that in a later post), this is now a personal blog again and I’ll talk a lot about other things.

Like this:

New Friends

Oh, yeah…LOTS to talk about.

17 thoughts on “Is There Anybody Out There…?”

    1. Hi!!! I’m here! Love that picture. Glad you are blogging. You are the first person I ever knew who was a blogger. I’ll be watching and joining in.

  1. Oh, look – my favorite crafters in the world have already shown up! There WILL be knitting and crocheting posts. Probably more than the “I’m here for the recipes” readers will want to see. 😉

  2. One of my very favorite people in blog world! It’s amazing, isn’t it, how quickly a hiatus becomes long-term? Welcome back and I look forward to reading all your wonderful posts.

  3. I’m here and glad you’re back!

    And I love your new format. I have quit following some blogs that I actually really like because the ads have taken them over. I don’t mind ads that are quietly there on the side, the top, or the bottom of the content, but the ones that flash and pop up to cover everything are deal-breakers for me!

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up these days. 🙂

  4. The Sushi Bar is open again??!? Where’s my regular customer card? It’s around here somewhere!

  5. I am doing the biggest, jazziest happy dance over here!!! You’re back? Like for real? WooHoo!!!!! I have missed you thiiiiiiiiiis muuuuuuuuch!! Well, OK, luckily I got to harass you on Facebook, but this is kinda more fun. 😉 Plus maybe you’ll help inspire me to quit phoning it in on my own blog. 🙂 WELCOME BACK my sister from another mother!!

  6. I’m so happy you’re back too! You were the only blogger I followed because you were honest and a genuine person plus I love your sense of humor and your recipes! I still make your “Better than Miracle Whip” recipe at least every couple of weeks. Welcome back!

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