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‘Tis The Season To Be Crazy

Remember how I said I wasn’t fond of plain glass ball Christmas ornaments?  They’re scarce on the “formal” tree, too.

I have at least three good recipes and a guest post to share, but they’re going to have to wait.  Darling Daughter arrived last night and we stayed up till 1 a.m. talking.  It should be illegal for work to be hectic at this time of year – and until this year, this was our slow time – but I, at least, am absolutely swamped.  Our  office is closed Friday, which is when Oldest Son gets here, but I want to take some time off before then which doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for blogging and Facebook.  I’ll try to get around to visit everyone today and have my guest post up tomorrow, but I make no promises.

Have a lovely Tuesday, y’all, and I’ll see you around the blogosphere.



Merry Holidays to you as well, as work is taking over life for the next couple of days. I hope everything is well, and see you in the new blog year!

He he, silver balls.
Sorry, high on DayQuill. Everything is striking me as funny right now..

VandyJ says:

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Michele says:

Merry Christmas Jan and family.

Lisa says:

Happy Tuesday and a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the time with your family!

BE says:

OK another dirty secret.

Jan has a Santa addiction.

Miniature Santa’s have invaded our house as they usually do this time of year. She has a wooden sign in the shape of a ball ornament hanging by the fire that reads: “Christmas: The time of year where everyone gets SANTAmental.”

Help me help her by convincing her to make a New Year’s resolution to join SA and start the 12 step program.

There is something so lovely about having all one’s chicks under the same roof…

Bah humbug to Beloved. Someone has to believe in Santa!

BE says:

$40 store bought Santas? Are you a retailer Duchess?

Lori says:

I love this ornament! Talking with your daughter until 1 in the morning sounds perfectly divine. Good for both of you. Don’t worry about visiting me…your children and fun are far more important…sending you lots of love and hugs your way…have a happy joyful fun week! XX

Darling Daughter says:

dear Jolly,
I love Garrett and I LOVE you, I’m proud of you and what you’re doing.He’s gonna be a great individual. Keep being strong, we all believe in you. lovely post. love, your stepsister.

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