The Tractor Cake

Once upon a time, in a former life, I was a professional cake decorator.

I enjoyed it, and was very good at it.  But decorating professionally is a stressful occupation; clients and customers can be demanding, and most professional decorators are perfectionists.  It can also affect your health, if you do it for many years – you basically stand in the same spot, in basically in the same position, doing very repetitive motions, for many hours a day.  My career spanned nearly a decade, and I wouldn’t go near a cake or turntable for years afterwards.

Now, having said that, I’ve decided in recent years that cake decorating is a really fun hobby.  I don’t eat cake, of course, but see no problem with a great, big sugary treat for a birthday if you can tolerate the occasional dose of gluten and refined sugar (to say nothing of the artificial colorings), especially if the person celebrating the birthday is a child.

Recently, we were talking with a friend whose daughter turned 3 yesterday about the party she was planning for the little girl.  She had a problem because the little girl had asked for a tractor cake – our friend’s parents have some land, and her daughter is fascinated with Granpa’s tractor.  The problem was that other than a cheesy cake from a grocery store with a plastic toy tractor on it, she was having trouble finding a tractor cake – especially one that might appeal to a 3-year-old girl.

So I came to the rescue.

And I haven’t had this much fun with a cake in a very long time.

Tractor Cake
Pigs and Lamb
Cow, Chicken, Duck
Tractor, Chicken, Duck

11 thoughts on “The Tractor Cake”

  1. This was so beautiful! You can’t see the intricate detail work here but it was fascinating just watching her do this. Too cute!

  2. That is one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen!! You are so talented. I like it so much that I want one for my next birthday and I’m 32, lol!

  3. Nice work on the rolled fondant. Did you do it by hand? I must admit I was spoiled when I did my wedding cakes, I had a pastry rolling machine in a big shop. It made it a lot easier, that’s for sure.
    One thing though, I hate the taste of rolled fondant. It could be because you can always see all the little nicks and marks left on the cake from accidentally nudging it. LOL
    I can totally relate to the perfectionist thing – that’s why I would NEVER make it as a pastry chef. I can make all the cakes, all the different formulas, but I am not an anal person. Unfortunately, (as I am prejudiced against all the pastry chefs I have ever worked with,) that’s in the job description, so my manner doesn’t fly.
    I love the marzipan work too. All in all, it shows you are a professional at this.

  4. I bow before your greatness – is there nothing you can’t do? Sheesh, woman! You are one of the most talented (and nicest) people I know. It’s beautiful!!! And what Jen said… 😉

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