Trick or Treat Has Obviously Become Passe

The fun has been sucked right out of Halloween, all in the name of “safety.”  Kids trick or treat in the middle of the afternoon on the weekend before Halloween, if it falls on a weekday.  Or they trick or treat at the mall – there were kids trick-or-treating in our local grocery store last week, for crying out loud.  Some parents take it even further, if Alton Brown was to be believed on Good Morning, America today, and don’t let their kids trick or treat at all – they have a party and call it good.

I’m certainly not in favor of letting kids eat twelve tons of refined sugar, given a boost by carcinogenic artificial food colors, but this is Halloween, for crying out loud – is it so wrong to let your kids trick or treat (chaperoned by an adult, of course) on the evening of the actual holiday?  I’ll be 50 years old in December, and neither I nor anyone I’ve ever met has ever received an apple with a razor blade in it, or been carried off by a psychopath.  In fact, with the single exception of a child who was poisoned by his own parent for the insurance money (and that happened many, many years ago), I’ve never heard of any of the bad things that people seem so frightened of ever happening while trick-or-treating.

At any rate, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Halloween, the scariest of all holidays, has been robbed of it’s bite, so to speak.  We haven’t had a child young enough to actually go trick-or-treating in many years and stopped giving out candy when we changed our diet two years ago.  But now there’s The G Man and his mom, who is VERY big on childhood traditions (and good for her!).  She, too, mourns the passing of the time honored tradition of trick-or-treating the evening of Halloween, so when she couldn’t find a neighborhood within driving distance that actually did it, she at least found one where they did it in the evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., even if it was the Saturday before.

We didn’t go – both of us are working on big projects, Beloved for the business and me on a personal one – but here is a pic of our little trick-or-treater, who stopped by Meema and Poppa’s house before embarking on his sugar-laden yearly tradition:

G Man and the Neverland Pirates
G Man and the Neverland Pirates

Yup – that would be our little rough-and-tumble bundle of joy dressed up as Jake from the Disney Jr. show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  (If you haven’t seen it, you don’t know WHAT you’re missing.)

With the exception of the time Meema made a gargantuan mistake and bought G a ring pop while we were out running errands one Saturday morning (you wouldn’t believe a kid could bounce off the sides of a moving vehicle while strapped in a car seat, but he managed it), we simply don’t give him crap.  We really don’t have to, because he loves things like fruit, cheese and nuts, so that’s what he gets as “treats” at our house.  Now, having said that, we did give him a handful of gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins when he stopped by to show off his costume, for what is a pirate without gold doubloons?

At any rate, we wish we’d gone with them, for Jolly told us that The G Man had a bit of trouble with the whole “trick or treat” concept.  Perhaps he simply thinks it’s rude, because instead of running up to houses and shouting, “Trick or Treat!” he held out his bag and politely said, “Please, may I have some candy?  Thank you!”

I’m buying him an ascot for Christmas.

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12 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Has Obviously Become Passe”

  1. Our town still trick or treats, on Halloween no less. OH, there are the “safe” alternatives but you can still find most kids out begging candy on Halloween. We are headed out tonight so our kids can get their share.
    G-man makes a fabulous Jake!

  2. Our small town of 3500 still does trick or treating on Halloween between 6 PM and 9 PM. The kids still dress up. There are a few “haunted” houses in the neighborhood. I know many of the people in the neighborhood where we will be going. We will see lots of friends from my children’s schools. It is a social event. Come to Texas!

  3. I’ve heard other people complain of this same issue, but for some reason, Los Angeles, the bastion of PC left-wingership, has full-on trick-or-treating in every neighborhood. At night. You practically have to take out a second mortgage to pay for all the stinking candy. I’m hoping that since tonight is the middle of the week, it won’t go on too late.

    That boy is THE CUTEST THING!

    You are linked.

  4. It seems like Halloween is celebrated very differently in different parts of the country.

    People here still celebrate on October 31st and by going house to house trick or treating. Some business do try to have “events” on other days to gain publicity/business – but those are in addition to (not instead of) traditional Oct 31st celebrations. Of course, for the teens and college kids (and some adults), Halloween is an excuse for a month of parties. : )

    I have five hundred bags of candy ready for tonight – and I’ll need them!

  5. How stinkin cute is he!!! We had trick or treating this past friday evening with up town bussinesses and then on Saturday we went to a HUGE halloween parade which was an absolute blast because the costumes and creativity was out of this world and they got a shit load of candy. Still, we will go trick or treating tonight as this still takes place all over our small town and they will get a shit load of more candy…which you know we don’t really eat or allow that much candy very often at our house…so tonight we will hand out the candy that they got this past weekend and I will let them eat to their hearts content today and then tomorrow it will be GONE out of our house.

    I will admit that a part of me feels very hypocritical when we partake in all this candy madness when I believe it is not good for us and wrecks havic with our health….in fact in never surprises me that one or more of them will be sick in the week following eating all this crap. I am lucky in that they do like the way we eat and don’t ask for candy at the store. Our policy is that candy is a treat that they usually get from the grandparents or special aunties and uncles. Nonetheless we will have lots of fun and I will likely have some little’s that will have a hard time going to bed due to the sugar high but all’s good. 🙂

    Happy Halloween to you and yours!

  6. Excuse me, but at least once on your life you WERE carried off by a psychopath, Mrs. Be!

    I agree with Lori about the hyporacy of it, but really if it s a once a year tradition it isn’t going to harm them. Especially, if you throw out the candy after a few days or at least restrict the consumption. I remember having several pillow cases full as a kid – egads!

    But there are alterantives. I really like the idea of handing out the glow stick necklaces. As long as they don’t try to eat it, it won’t kill them, and if they are Trick or Treating at night (like they should), it might even save their life.

  7. Oh, he is so cute!
    We had our school’s Trunk or Treat last Friday and I’m STILL tired from it! My neighborhood hasn’t had a trick or treater in all the years we’ve lived there and Sprite doesn’t know any better than to go to the mall to trick or treat since no neighborhoods seem to participate. Only once, when Halloween was on a Saturday and there was a party, did we venture onto the streets and take her treating proper. 🙂

  8. My kids are grown up now but they trick or treated every year in our neighborhood and what wonderful memories we have…it makes me sad to see what kids now days have to NOT look forward to…
    It’s also a bummer that since the kids are out of the house and the neighborhood kids are getting beyond trick or treating ages I don’t get to dress up and pass out poison (oh, I mean candy…).

  9. We didn’t get one single trick-or-treater this year! As if it didn’t even happen. We need free-range kids in our culture! We’re afraid and paranoid about everything. How will they ever learn and experience things if they are so sheltered and guided?

  10. We have traditional old trick-or-treating in our neck of the woods, and my daughters had THE BEST time this year! They even got to go out when it was dark and were wearing glow sticks. G Man is an adorable pirate! My girls love that show, but they only see it on vacation at Grandpa’s house, since we don’t have the Disney channel. 😉

  11. Love you grandson’s politeness. We had about 50 or so trickters this year, down by about 3 dozen from last year. Not as many young children on our street so parents do not come to join with friends as they walk the neighborhood.
    And almost every one of our guests said thanks!

  12. There are a few “haunted” houses in the neighborhood. I know many of the people in the neighborhood where we will be going. We will see lots of friends from my children’s schools. It is a social event. Come to Texas!It’s also a bummer that since the kids are out of the house and the neighborhood kids are getting beyond trick or treating ages I don’t get to dress up and pass out poison

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