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Valley of Fire State Park

So, I went to the doctor yesterday only to have her tell me what I expected to hear:  it’s allergies combined with something “viral” so they can’t give me anything to make it better – I just have to ride it out.  She did give me Nasonex (makes NO difference that I can tell), some Zyrtec D (so I can have the effing jitters all day) and some cough syrup with codeine that I will hardly take at all, because I am fully aware of the nature of my, ahem, addictive personality.


Anyhoo, I know I promised a recipe for today, but I’m saving that tomorrow so I’ll have something for Fight Back Friday.  Also, it’s Travel Tip Thursday over at Pseudo’s place – and the one thing I took boocoos of pictures of over my extended “vacation” was of this place:  Valley of Fire State Park, just north of Las Vegas.

I apologize for the lack of commentary (I’m still feeling like doo doo), but if you’d like to learn more about this beautiful, fascinating and HOT state park, go here.

Valley of Fire State Park Entrance

Long and Winding Road

Blue Sky, Red Rock

"Beehive" Rocks

Faces in the Rocks

Rainbow Vista

Beloved Takes In the View

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