We’re Getting Just A Wee Bit Obssessive

This week’s Spin Cycle is “photo essays.”

I have two of them.  This is the first, documenting our new weekend pastime:  canning.  In this case four dozen ears of Ohio super sweet corn, a buttload of beets and some peppers of varying types that I roasted before they went bad.

Why 4 dozen ears of sweet corn?  ‘Cause one of the farmers at the market offered us 5 dozen for $20.  We ate three ears Saturday, froze another 8, threw one lone bad one away, and divested the remaining ears of their cobs and pressure canned them.  We got 16 pints and 8 half pints, most of which we’re giving away because there’s NO way we’ll eat that much corn.  I’m considering a giveaway to get rid of some.

Anyone interested?  It’s really delicious.

Anyhoo, this is how it all went about:

It all started with shucking and cleaning all the stuff.

Then we cut it from the cob.  I don’t remember where I saw to use a tube pan to catch the corn – I think I got it from my friend Jason.

Oh, we pickled beets, too.

Which I roasted first.

And let’s not forget the roasted peppers.

Of course, then I had to use two different canners – the one on the right is the water bath canner for the beets; the one on the left is the pressure canner for the corn and peppers.

Isn’t that a bit intimidating, with the gauges and the clamps and the screws and the warning label and all?

Why, yes – I did read the instructions.  More than once.

Just a sample of what we have canned.

And what did you do this weekend?

12 thoughts on “We’re Getting Just A Wee Bit Obssessive”

    1. Oh, I love it – you’ve just nicknamed my pressure canner “Sputnik.”

      It tastes like sweet corn. Much fresher than any commercially canned stuff – I made black beans yesterday (soaked to neutralize the lectins and phytates, of course), then used a pint of the corn and made a just lovely black bean and corn salsa, which we had with dinner. It was delicious.

  1. My mom has an enormous garden and orchard (they own 13 acres in OR). She goes crazy canning too … and they can’t use all the food. She frequently takes food down to a shelter and drops it off. It might be something to consider if you find yourself with more than you can use.

  2. I grew up helping my mom freeze, can and otherwise preserve the bounty from our garden. WE always froze corn–some on the cob, some off. But we always pressure cooked the green beans. To this day the only veggie out of a can I can eat are green beans. And roasted, sliced, then frozen, beets are awesome! Why is it that commercial veggies canned are so–tasteless?

  3. I want to live near you!!! No one I know in this area is as enthusiastic about canning and preserving like I am. It’d be so much fun to have a partner in crime to do that with! 🙂 Just so you know, you are my hero – and everything looks absolutely scrumptious!

    We didn’t do much this weekend – we got rained out (and are still getting rained out) by Lee. I was going to bottle my two latest batches of wine over the weekend, but Little Dude made it impossible – so I’m doing it tomorrow when he’s taking his nap. I’m anxious to taste-test the Pina Colada and the Acai Raspberry wines I’ve had bulk aging for a couple of months!! 🙂

  4. I love living in Southern California but if there’s something we can’t get, it’s great sweet corn! If you were to do a giveaway, I’d definitely put my name in! Looks fabulous.

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