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We’re Getting Just A Wee Bit Obssessive

This week’s Spin Cycle is “photo essays.”

I have two of them.  This is the first, documenting our new weekend pastime:  canning.  In this case four dozen ears of Ohio super sweet corn, a buttload of beets and some peppers of varying types that I roasted before they went bad.

Why 4 dozen ears of sweet corn?  ‘Cause one of the farmers at the market offered us 5 dozen for $20.  We ate three ears Saturday, froze another 8, threw one lone bad one away, and divested the remaining ears of their cobs and pressure canned them.  We got 16 pints and 8 half pints, most of which we’re giving away because there’s NO way we’ll eat that much corn.  I’m considering a giveaway to get rid of some.

Anyone interested?  It’s really delicious.

Anyhoo, this is how it all went about:

It all started with shucking and cleaning all the stuff.

Then we cut it from the cob.  I don’t remember where I saw to use a tube pan to catch the corn – I think I got it from my friend Jason.

Oh, we pickled beets, too.

Which I roasted first.

And let’s not forget the roasted peppers.

Of course, then I had to use two different canners – the one on the right is the water bath canner for the beets; the one on the left is the pressure canner for the corn and peppers.

Isn’t that a bit intimidating, with the gauges and the clamps and the screws and the warning label and all?

Why, yes – I did read the instructions.  More than once.

Just a sample of what we have canned.

And what did you do this weekend?

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