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Old BooksThere will be no Money in the Bank post today.  My most sincere and abject apologies to Smart Mouth Broad…but did I mention we decided to buy the bookshelves?

For those of you who might have missed it, we have been debating on whether to buy some solid oak, hand-crafted bookshelves from some lovely Amish guy who does stuff like that or a stupidly expensive 200-pound ceramic smoker/grill.

The bookshelves won out.  So, a couple of weekends ago we toddled down to the Amish furniture store and ordered them.  They’ll take 10 – 12 weeks to be completed (these are BIG bookshelves), but that’s okay because it gives us an opportunity to decide which books we’re going to keep in the living room on our pretty new shelves and which will be relegated to the basement on our old, tired and mismatched bookshelves.

Yes, we have that many books.

So, we found ourselves in Half Price Books in Cleveland Saturday afternoon where I bee-lined it to the cookbook section and Beloved bee-lined it to the non-fiction section; I emerged with two of Julia Child’s cookbooks, a cookbook of wok recipes and The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, a fascinating compilation of articles and essays on just about everything to do with how we eat and drink in the U.S.  Beloved got a book on Oswald, one on Nixon and a couple of other things that I’m sure will put me to sleep in no time flat are equally riveting.  After that we mosied over to the “literature” section where I found both an Anya Seton and a Robert B. Parker Spenser novel I didn’t own (“I didn’t know there were such things,” observed Beloved) and he got more insomnia cures riveting material by Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal.

Then we looked up and saw…THEM.  On the top of the shelves, row upon row of classic books, in excellent condition (“I don’t think these were ever opened!” marvels Beloved) and instead of wearing jackets or dust covers, each was ensconced in the niftiest little box/case you ever saw.  We gasped as our eyes widened and we clutched each other.  Then, at the same time, we both said:

“Oh, those would look SO COOL on our new shelves!”

Because we’re nerdish like that.

So we began pulling them down.  Or rather I bellowed squeeled things like “OHMIGOD LOOK AT THAT TWO-VOLUME EDITION OF GONE WITH THE WIND” and “I MUST HAVE THOSE THREE COORDINATING VOLUMES OF ALL THE SHERLOCK HOLMES STORIES” and “HOLY COW THAT COPY OF GRIMMS FAIRY TALES IS GORGEOUS” and Beloved pulled them down, because he’s 6’1″ and I’m only 5′ tall.

All in all, we walked out of there with two huge boxes of books.  And we were just as pleased as punch, because we’re nerdish like that.  Afterward we went and checked into our hotel and then went to go see B.B. King, which was something of an adventure that I’ll write about later.  (Let’s just suffice to say that at 83, the man can still belt out a song.)  And as planned the next day we spent several hours touring the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which was also a great deal of fun (I’ll write more about that later, too).  At one point, we strolled into the museum gift shop.

Where we saw…THEM.

A set of polished bookends made from petrified wood found on the Oregon/Nevada border.  We gasped as our eyes widened and we clutched each other.  Then, at the same time, we both said:

“Oh, those would look SO COOL on our new shelves!”

Because we’re nerdish like that.

So we spent waaaaaaaaay too much money this weekend for me to participate in anything that has to do with actually saving it.

And petrified wood is freaking heavy.

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  1. Whatever floats your boat or blows your skirt up. That’s my motto….. so if books are your thing then of course you MUST have book-ends too. Like peanut butter and jelly they go together. Hope you will post a photo of the shelves when they are done.. would love to see them!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    Dis last blog post..Wildlife Hunkers Down

  2. Sounds like a great day in my book (pun intended) We saw B.B. King about 4 years ago and we couldn’t get over the man’s ability to belt out a tune. Aren’t his little antidotes wonderful?

    Micheles last blog post..Painting Giveaway

  3. Robert B Parker?!! Holy Crap! I LOVE him! I got hooked years ago with Looking for Rachel Wallace. I think I have all of them too. Love the smell of books. I could sit in a library/book store all day and just look through books. Can’t wait to see your bookshelves & ends.

    Lindas last blog post..Scarves are flyin’ off the hook here!

  4. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Saving money elsewhere so you can splurge on something you really want. I’m so excited for you. Because I’m nerdish like that.

    BTW, I made your blueberry muffins this weekend. Well sort of. I only had dark brown sugar and got a little heavy handed with the cinnamon that i put in the batter instead of on top but they were delicious in spite of me. Now MHS has to eat the rest because I’m once again back on the wagon today. *sigh* Thanks for sharing.

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..SISTERHOOD

  5. What I think is so great about living within a budget and living simple in all the ways we can is so that then we can afford these special spluges without breaking the bank. You and Beloved work hard, and scrimp when you can so I think you both deserved some treats for yourselves…whether it’s the weekend away and getting to hear great music, eat great food or buy nice book cases. It’s these things that make working hard and sacraficing frivolous things, well worth it.

    You will have to take pictures when you get them and show us how they look with all your books. I too love books, although I never get to read unless of course you count blogs…lol.

    Loris last blog post..Idiosyncrasy’s?

  6. Take pictures! I would love to see the shelves. My husband and I are investing in the Classics from “The Easton Press”…They are so beautiful! We get one a month…although I hate when they send a catalog because I want everything!
    My son is waiting to find out if he got a job with Barnes and Noble. That would be so coo1…nice books…CHEAP!

    Monicas last blog post..Get Involved

  7. Duchess m’dear, Gone with the Wind is THE classic in this house! While the movie is excellent the book is MUCH better. Rhett, of the book, is one of my heroes!

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