What? Already??

This is what we woke up to this morning:

Winter has come to northeast Ohio.

This is the earliest accumulation of snow we’ve had since I moved here in late spring of 2005.  For the most part, we haven’t really had any snow, with the exception of two big snow storms the last two Februaries – it’s usually just gray and grim.  I’ve heard it does sometimes snow all winter here and that it’s quite lovely when it does so.  Here’s to hoping that this will be one of those winters…and our 2/3 of a cord of wood lasts the whole season.

We like our fires, yes we do.

17 thoughts on “What? Already??”

  1. Beautiful picture. Doesn’t freshly fallen snow just look incredible? I love it. Oh yeah…except when I have to actually leave the house. Then trekking in all that muck with every single idiot on the road, getting all that muck on my car, wearing the boots and 17 sweaters and 6 coats to stay waarm – just to get to a stinky old job that would certainly survive without me. . . well, it makes me forget all about how nice the freshly fallen snow looked through my living room window. Sigh.

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  2. Yup- It’s here early this year- just like the Farmer’s Almanac predicted. Scary how often that thing is right! It took me 25 minutes to drive 4 miles to work today. Not because the roads were un-passable- but beacause 95% of the people in Northeast Ohio who have been driving in snow every winter of thier life suddenly FORGET HOW to drive during the first snow of the year.
    That aside- it was beautiful this morning, and I said a silent thank you as my wonderful husband snow blowed the driveway and sidewalks and pulled my car out of the garage and started it so that it was warm and toasty for me when I set out on my 25 minute 4 mile drive. LOL

  3. I am deffinatly not missing Ohio right now! It is warm and sunny here in Cali. Have fun plowing snow!!!

  4. Oooo! Pretty! We get maybe one snow a year here in SC. I’ll have to scrounge up a pic from the last time. It was about half an inch and only lasted a couple hours. But it was pretty. Coming from Chicago I’ve had my share so It’s nice to get a taste every once in a while.

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  5. Oh I love that kind of weather when I can stay home but I’m sure it’s a bitch if you have to deal with it a long time. Ok only gets a week or maybe two of the white stuff and Tx maybe one or two light snows (as you know). That picture makes me want to light our fireplace. LOL

    I learned to drink Keoke coffee in N. Dakota and I think it’s the perfect drink for any kind of cold weather. Have one on me and send me the bill. Muah!!!

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  6. I miss the snow! I’m sure I would get sick of it pretty quick if I lived anywhere near it. Especially after 28 years in Florida. Tonight it’s 63 degrees, we are shivering and have a fire in the fireplace. LOL Weenies! That’s we’ve become!

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  7. You have more snow than we do in VT. I love the first snow. It makes me feel like a kid again and I would love to take the time to go out and play in it.
    Nice picture

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